A Multi Line Scientific Calculator

A Multi Line Scientific Calculator

Multi Line Scientific Calculator


This calculator allows you to quickly estimate the value of a given integral, derivative, or infinite series. What are you waiting for? Check it out!


Scientific calculators are designed for solving math, science, and engineering problems. In addition to the basic arithmetic operations, a scientific calculator lets you solve trigonometry, logarithm, and probability problems. When it comes to quality calculators, Texas Instruments, Casio, and Sharp have consistently produced quality devices year after year, but there are several options to choose from. Whether you're a student, engineer, or medical professional, these are the best scientific calculators out there.The Texas Instruments TI-36X features a MultiView display area that shows four lines (most other calculators just show one or two lines) and multiple calculations on the screen at the same time. Math expressions, symbols, and fractions appear on the screen just as they do in textbook. The mode menu can be used to choose between various number modes depending on the type of equation you have to enter: degrees/radians or floating/fix. Solve numeric, polynomial, and linear equations with ease by following on-screen prompts. The TI-36X can be used in high school and college for algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, and biology. The calculator is solar powered with an internal backup battery.

The Casio FX-115ES Plus includes more than 280 functions and 40 metric conversions. As you enter expressions and view results, you’ll see that they appear on the calculator screen exactly as they do in the textbook. One of the best features is the multi-replay function that allows you to go back through previous calculations step-by-step. This helps you easily edit your calculations in case of an entry error. The Calculator is great for high school and college students in general math, algebra, statistics, trigonometry, calculus, engineering, and physics. It comes with a slide-off protection cover. (Source: www.thoughtco.com)


The Casio FX-300MS Scientific Calculator has a two-line display that displays up to 10 digits. The calculator is capable of performing 240 functions and supports up to 18 levels of parenthesis. Use the backspace key to quickly clear up any errors with your calculation entry. And if you need to check your last equation, you can use the auto replay function. The Casio FX-300MS Scientific Calculator allows you to enter fractions, figure out standard deviations, calculate sine, cosine, tangent, and inverse, and many more mathematical functions. You can even program it to save formulas you want to use in the future. It comes with a hard case that slides on to protect the screen or snaps onto the back of the calculator when you’re using it. Plus, it’s solar powered with a backup battery so you’ll always be able to use your calculator when you need to. (Source: www.thoughtco.com)



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