A Improper Fraction to Mixed Number Calculator:

A Improper Fraction to Mixed Number Calculator:

improper fraction to mixed number calculator


Enter some incorrect numbers in the input field and the calculator will show you the result as a fraction.


An __improper fraction__ is a fraction whose nominator is greater than its denominator. For example, \\({5 \over 4}\\). A mixed fraction is a fraction of the form \\(c {n \over d}\\), where \\(c\\) is an integer and \\(n < d\\). For example, \\({11 \over 4} = 2 {3 \over 4}\\). It is therefore the sum of a whole number and a proper fraction. Use this calculator to convert your improper fraction to a mixed fraction. If you would like to convert a mixed fraction to an improper fraction, see our [mixed to improper fraction calculator](/show/calculator/mixed-to-improper). Improper fractions are those in which the numerator is greater than the denominator and a mixed fraction is a mixture of a whole and a proper fraction. To convert improper fractions to mixed fractions, we need to divide the numerator by the denominator. Then, we write it in the mixed number form by placing the quotient as the whole number, the remainder as the numerator and the divisor as the denominator. Let us go through the following example to understand this better.

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