A I Want to Use a Calculator

A I Want to Use a Calculator

I Want to Use a Calculator

When a child says, “I want my mommy,” it’s difficult for parents. And it’s easy for parents to give in, no matter how long it takes to motivate a child. But what would happen if a child complained, “I want to use a calculator”?


The calculator is a tool to do calculations just as the human mind and paper and pencil are tools. There are many times when mental computing (or even paper & pencil) are more effective or appropriate. For example, adding single digits is done much more quickly using mental math (in your mind) than by punching every number and operation into the calculator. Choosing the right 'tool' is part of effective problem-solving process.

I absolutely love this app, since use it for school and it is just very simple to use while also being able to use more complex equations! My only problem is the fact that I have to pay a monthly fee just to use other calculator features that are on normal calculators is just ridiculous! I understand that you guys want to make money, but do you really, like really need to make people pay a monthly fee just to be able to calculate fractions! I would be absolutely fine if it was a one time fee, but why a monthly fee!? This is one of the top most downloaded calculator apps on the App Store if not the best one, not to mention the little adds at the bottom (not distracting at all) that you make money off of adds which shows you already make quite a bit of money off of more than half a million user, yet you have to go even farther to make me pay for a monthly fee for features in every ordinary high school level calculator! I would rather have to pay 5-7 dollars once for all of the other features instead of being fed off of for multiple years to come of using this app. I would rate this app 5 stars right off the bat if it got rid of the monthly charge and maybe even replaced it with a one time fee. Please address this concern, and thank you so much for your time. (Source: apps.apple.com)



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