A Function Notation Solver Calculator

A Function Notation Solver Calculator

Function Notation Solver Calculator


This website is a tool for finding the function notation of a certain input. This is the calculator that you use when you want to find "surd 1" when you know the notation "surd".


’ appears at the top left-hand corner of the calculator display to remind you that the button has been pressed. It disappears when you press another key. Some keys also have a third function, printed above the key in red. These functions allow numerical values stored in the calculator memories to be used within calculations and are accessed by pressing the The course describes some of the main features of a scientific calculator and encourages you to use your calculator, both for everyday arithmetic and for more complicated calculations that use the function keys as well. Key sequences, which describe which keys to press, are included in all the activities, so you can try out the ideas straightaway.

When describing how to use various calculator functions, this guide gives the exact keys that you need to press using the symbols shown on the keys. This is known as a ‘key sequence’. If the key sequence accesses the second function of a key, or a function from a menu, the name of this function will be given in brackets at the appropriate point in the key sequence. Names in brackets are thus not keys that you press but simply describe the function that is accessed using the previous key sequence. For example, to turn off the calculator, press (Source: www.open.edu)


You could spend your whole life learning about what a function is and never get to the rest of this book! For this reason we will keep things simple and informal in order to attain a quick and accessible understanding of topics, including functions. Students continuing in mathematics will add to their knowledge of functions as needed and as part of a life-long process.

If you know Spanish you can interpret the meaning of a Spanish article you read by translating it into English. Likewise, if you know “math”, you can interpret the meaning of function notation by translating it into English, provided you know what the variables in the notation mean or what they are measuring. (Source: mhcc.edu)



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