A Calculator With Tape:

A Calculator With Tape:

Calculator With Tape


Because our Calculator app was getting some attention on social media, we wanted to create a story around the calculator and get content writers to contribute.


I had been using the iPhone calculator app but it lacked the back button and history. So I began looking for a replacement. Other calculator apps are way too complicated for basic use and are meant for math students, or if they were simple they had annoying ads. This one is the only one that had everything I was looking for! I love the little sound the keys make too. It’s a nifty cute calculator that doesn’t have fancy gimmicks that get in the way. So happy with it!My favorite part about this calculator app is that it has a history feature. It is difficult to find a decent calculator app that is has the history feature without sacrificing simplicity and still doesn’t have adds. I searched extensively and only found apps that either had adds, were cumbersome and overkill on features, or weren’t any better than the stock iOS calculator. Finally this app checked all the boxes!

EDIT: If I add CalcTape as a slide over, or a new split screen, it just gives me a light blue empty box. The only way to use it is to start it in full screen and add another app in split screen. Slide over does not work at all. Split screen only works as started above and then only if it’s given a bigger chunk of the screen. It looks like the best calculator is not updated anymore. Take away two more stars. Please fix this??? When you print your finalized workpapers to PDF, SPbinder automatically adds useful bookmarks. The Bookmarks panel can be found in the left-hand panel of Adobe Acrobat. When users create Calculator Tapes, SPbinder automatically creates a Calculator Tapes section in the Bookmarks tree and displays all Tapes in this section. This adding machine calculator is useful for keeping a running total or "paper tape" when adding or subtracting money as in balancing your checkbook, doing your taxes, or any other calculation where you need to double check your entries. Input values and operators in the calculator, and review your math above. Print the adding machine "tape" to save a record of your calculations. (Source: www.calculatorsoup.com)



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