A calculator 9 8

A calculator 9 8

Calculator 9 8


A calculator that does 9 8 calculations is something you might find in a school science lab, but if you’re at an extensive level, you’ll want to hit math buttons that simply don’t exist on your phone. Thankfully, a calculator that can handle fractions and percents is available on this app, as well as a timer. Don’t forget the birthdays calculator and percentage of the surface area of a torus.


Unlike adding and subtracting integers such as 2 and 8, fractions require a common denominator to undergo these operations. One method for finding a common denominator involves multiplying the numerators and denominators of all of the fractions involved by the product of the denominators of each fraction. Multiplying all of the denominators ensures that the new denominator is certain to be a multiple of each individual denominator. The numerators also need to be multiplied by the appropriate factors to preserve the value of the fraction as a whole. This is arguably the simplest way to ensure that the fractions have a common denominator. However, in most cases, the solutions to these equations will not appear in simplified form (the provided calculator computes the simplification automatically). Below is an example using this method.

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To do that, we need to convert the improper fraction to a mixed fraction. We won't explain that in detail here because we have another article that already covers it for 81/8. Click here to find out how to convert 81/8 to a mixed fraction.

Hopefully this tutorial has helped you to understand how to find the fraction of any whole number. You can now go give it a go with more numbers to practice your newfound fraction skills. (Source: visualfractions.com)



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