A Bahia De Los Angeles

A Bahia De Los Angeles

Bahia De Los Angeles:


This is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. On the north of Mexico it looks a little like an emerald lagoon, while in the south, the ancient volcanoes create a spectacular backdrop.


In the mid-20th century there were only a handful of families residing in the area. Among those were the Daggetts (the children and grandchildren of Englishman Dick Daggett Sr.), the family of Jose "Tilongo" Smith, the Ocañas, Navarros, and Corderos. Señor Antero "Papa" Diaz (1914–1989) was the leading citizen of the pueblo known as Bahía de los Ángeles. Diaz and his wife, Cruz Rosas Ortiz "Mama" Diaz, originated in Mexico City and came to the bahia to work the mine at Las Flores. Diaz became Delegado del Gobierno (Mayor) and built the first school house and the first church in Bahia. He was instrumental in establishing the town as a sport fishing resort by building a hotel and an airstrip. This allowed fishermen to reach the bahia by air without making the 3 day drive from Ensenada. The original "Casa Diaz" hotel consisted of Mama's restaurant and 6 cabins with primitive showers.

Marine biologist Antonio Resendiz (RIP) ran a sea turtle research facility, known as Campo Archelon, north of town. The area around Bahia de los Angeles provides nesting grounds for many species of sea turtles. Beginning in 1979 the officially named "Centro Regional de Investigacion Pesquera (CRIP)" had conducted sea turtle research and conservation. Antonio, who studied marine biology at the University of Ensenada, established the research station first with the help of the Mexican Institute of Fishing and later through the help of American biochemist Dr. Grant Bartlett. Antonio made news in 1995 when one of his turtles, a 213-pound loggerhead named Adelita, was discovered off the coast of Japan by local fishermen. The discovery established the migration path of loggerheads for the first time. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



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