A B Tech Calculator

A B Tech Calculator

B Tech Calculator


If you’ve ever had to figure out a construction budget, you’ll appreciate this tool.


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The calculator has got all the functions required to tackle all subjects of Engineering be it Maths, Theory of Machines, Heat and Mass Transfer, Thermodynamics, Fluid Machines, Machine Desgin et al...yes I am a Mechanical Enginner and I purcha... (Source: www.flipkart.com)


where ‘i’ is the subject indicator index (takes into account all subjects in a semester), ‘N’ is the no. of subjects ‘registered’ for the semester (as specifically required and listed under the course structure of the parent department), Ci is the no. of credits allotted to the ith subject, and Gi represents the grade points (GP) corresponding to the letter grade awarded for that ith subject.

The CGPA is the ratio of the total credit points secured by a student in all registered courses in all semesters, and the total number of credits registered in all the semesters. CGPA is rounded off to two decimal places. CGPA is thus computed from the I year II semester onwards at the end of each semester as per the formula (Source: digister.in)



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