A 1 Lakh Ka 12 Percent

A 1 Lakh Ka 12 Percent

1 Lakh Ka 12 Percent

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(4) Loan Disbursal Time: Loan disbursal time is the period in which loan is processed and the customer receives the demand draft from the bank. Disbursal time differs from bank to bank. It is an important factor because there is always a reason behind taking a loan if the opportunity of that objective is lost then it is of no use. So, better ask your bank the Turn Around Time and take the loan considering your urgency or better plan it in advance. (Source: www.deal4loans.com)


In the case of interest rates, a very common but ambiguous way to say that an interest rate rose from 10% per annum to 15% per annum, for example, is to say that the interest rate increased by 5%, which could theoretically mean that it increased from 10% per annum to 10.05% per annum. It is clearer to say that the interest rate increased by 5 percentage points (pp). The same confusion between the different concepts of percent(age) and percentage points can potentially cause a major misunderstanding when journalists report about election results, for example, expressing both new results and differences with earlier results as percentages. For example, if a party obtains 41% of the vote and this is said to be a 2.5% increase, does that mean the earlier result was 40% (since 41 = 40 × (1 +

The symbol for percent (%) evolved from a symbol abbreviating the Italian per cento. In some other languages, the form procent or prosent is used instead. Some languages use both a word derived from percent and an expression in that language meaning the same thing, e.g. Romanian procent and la sută (thus, 10% can be read or sometimes written ten for [each] hundred, similarly with the English one out of ten). Other abbreviations are rarer, but sometimes seen. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



Percentage can be used in different fields of life and science. For example, in accounting and finance the percentage is used in finding interest rates, sales and taxes. The prices of most items increase or decrease by a percentage. By the percentage, we can express the average grades of the students and also we can analyze or compare some progress. Pie Charts, are a very commonly used to describe the proportions of a given data set in terms of percentages or fractions. For example, if the circle is divided by the corresponding central angles, then the area of the red part is $\frac{144}{360}=40\%$ of whole. Conversely, in order to find the measure of the central angle, we have to find the percent represented by the piece, then multiply $360^o$ by the percent.

Online Percentage calculator – A percentage is any ratio or number divided by 100. It is usually represented by the percent sign (%), or by an abbreviation (pct). The literal meaning of percent is per hundred which obviously refers to a number being divided by 100. (Source: onlinepercentagecalculators.com)


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Percent changes applied sequentially do not add up in the usual way. For example, if the 10% increase in price considered earlier (on the $200 item, raising its price to $220) is followed by a 10% decrease in the price (a decrease of $22), then the final price will be $198—not the original price of $200. The reason for this apparent discrepancy is that the two percent changes (+10% and −10%) are measured relative to different quantities ($200 and $220, respectively), and thus do not "cancel out". (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



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