A 1 5 As a Percent:

A 1 5 As a Percent:

1 5 As a Percent


For many companies, this benchmark is more than a statistic. They know that they need to achieve 1. 5 while they're growing, and they know they must do something to raise their 5-year view.


A fraction is defined as a portion of a whole quantity. A fraction simply represents the number of parts of a certain number divide a whole number. A simple fraction is composed of two parts namely the numerator, which is the number at the top, and the denominator being the number at the bottom. The slash line usually separates the numerator and the denominator. Examples of fractions include: 2/5, 1/3, 4/9 etc. As your maths skills develop, you can begin to see other ways of arriving at the same answer. The laptop example above is quite straightforward and with practise, you can use your mental maths skills to think about this problem in a different way to make it easier. In this case, you are trying to find 20%, so instead of finding 1% and then multiplying it by 20, you can find 10% and then simply double it. We know that 10% is the same as 1/10th and we can divide a number by 10 by moving the decimal place one place to left (removing a zero from 500). Therefore 10% of £500 is £50 and 20% is £100.

A mixed number is a whole number plus a fraction. You can convert fraction part of the mixed number to a decimal and then multiply by 100 to get the percent value. Alternatively you can convert mixed number to an improper fraction, and then convert it to a decimal by dividing numerator by denominator. Finally, multiply the decimal by 100 to find the percent value. In this case it can be helpful if, instead of thinking of the division symbol ‘÷’ as meaning ‘divided by’, we can substitute the words ‘out of’. We use this often in the context of test results, for example 8/10 or ‘8 out of 10’ correct answers. So we calculate the ‘number of managers out of the whole staff’. When we use words to describe the calculation, it can help it to make more sense. (Source: www.skillsyouneed.com


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