9 000 Is What Percent of 30 000

9 000 Is What Percent of 30 000

9 Is What Percent of 30

Hey, nine is what percent of 30! That may not be an answer you can hang your hat on, but if you need a nine as part of a math problem, nine is what percent of 30. However, if you need to compute the percent of 30 that is 9, it's not a useful answer. If you need to know what percent of 30 is, that is a yes or no question and the answer is 1. 5783%.


Do you have problems with simplifying fractions? The best way to solve this is by finding the GCF (Greatest Common Factor) of the numerator and denominator and divide both of them by GCF. You might find our GCF and LCM calculator to be convenient here. It searches all the factors of both numbers and then shows the greatest common one. As the name suggests, it also estimates the LCM which stands for the Least Common Multiple.Now let's solve a problem with an unknown denominator. We spent 30 percent of our pocket money on bubble gum (we never said we're great investors). We bought 12 sticks for $1 each. So we know that $12 was 30 percent of our total budget. How much money did we have before we almost literally blew it all away? Let's start with our formula:

Percent problems have three parts: the percent, the base (or whole), and the amount. Any of those parts may be the unknown value to be found. To solve percent problems, you can use the equation, Percent · Base = Amount, and solve for the unknown numbers. Or, you can set up the proportion, Percent = Incorrect. You probably used 18 or 48 as the percent, rather than the amount or base, and also forgot to rewrite the percent as a decimal before multiplying. The equation for this problem is n · 48 =18. The corresponding division is 18 ÷ 48, so n = 0.375. Rewriting this decimal as a percent gives the correct answer, 37.5%. (Source: www.montereyinstitute.org)



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