661 Area Code

661 Area Code

661 Area Code

This is my Area "616" Code. You might be familiar with it. There are other Area Codes. I have lots of Area Codes. Area Codes are small. Area Codes are so small. Area Codes are not large. Area Codes are so small. They are made in the U.S.A. 317/786/617 Area Code This is my Area "136" Code.

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661 Area Cod

Looking to learn more about the 661 area code and how you can get a phone number with the 661 area code for your business? If so, read on to learn about where the 661 area code is located and how to get a US phone number with this area code from Global Call Forwarding. Let’s begin! 

Where Is the 661 Area Code?

The 661 area code 661 is located in the state of California’s Kern County, as well as parts of Los Angeles County, Tulare County, and Santa Barbara County. 41 cities are located within the 661 area code, which includes Bakersfield, Lancaster, Palmdale, Wasco, Oildale, Delano, and Santa Clarita. (Source: www.globalcallforwarding.com)

Population in the 2016 census measured just over 373,000 and one of the most highly noted cities to live in from California, ninth most populous in California and 52nd in the nation. Known for oil and agricultural economy, there is much growth for larger companies that are looking to add technology and further internal business development over the production and manufacturing externally. Also, the seat of Kern county, the most productive oil hub in the nation also surrounded by industrial production companies including natural gas, distribution, food processing, petroleum refining and more, Bakersfield and area code 661 have a great deal to offer the state and nation combined. (Source: www.nextiva.com)



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