626 Area Code:

626 Area Code:

626 Area Code

Out of all of the most spoken language in the US, Mandarin is by far the most spoken language in most of the six-six-six-six area code. The number six-six-six-six is even most popular among Mandarin speakers in China! The name of the area code, which keeps the same number in the last three digits, is derived from the Chinese term for "six .

Where Is the 626 Area Code?

The 626 area code 626 is a California telephone area code located in the San Gabriel Valley and the northeastern part of Los Angeles County, which includes the cities of Arcadia, El Monte, Monrovia, West Covina, and most of Pasadena. Introduced in mid-1997 as a split from the 818 area code, the 626 area code is located on the West Coast and is included in the Pacific Standard Time (PST) time zone.

What Area Code Is 909 Belong To?

Area codes 840 and 909 are California telephone area codes that cover far eastern Los Angeles County and southwestern San Bernardino County. The 909 area code was split from area code 714 on November 14, 1992. By August 1993 use of the new area code became mandatory. (Source: askinglot.com)

What Country Code Is 616?

Area code 616 is the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) area code for West Michigan, which is a cultural and economic region of Lower Michigan that is mainly focused around the state's second largest city, Grand Rapids. The area code serves Greater Grand Rapids and also includes Holland, Greenville, and Grand Haven.

Where Is Area Code 636 in the Us?

Area code 636 is found in the US state of Missouri. Primarily servicing the city of Saint Charles (population: 137739), area code 636 covers 9 counties of Missouri. Located in the Central time zone, area code 636 is on the same time as Chicago, IL. Area code 636 was brought into effect on May 22, 1999.



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