610 Area Code

610 Area Code

610 Area Code

The 610 Area Code is an internal code for the State of Texas. Often, area codes are only used for internal purposes, but our research revealed some interesting aspects. The following are the top three findings. The 610 Area Code usually goes hand in hand with the 281 Area Code. The area area codes are often utilized, whether it be for reaching

all phone spot codes which function the southern and mountainous areas of Pennsylvania. The region comprises regions into the west of Philadelphia, Together with the towns of Allentown, Bethlehem, along with Reading Through . It Features much of the Delaware Valley, such as nearly Most Delaware County and the Majority of the Philadelphia Main-line .

Where Is the 610 Area Code Located? City Guide

Area code 610 is the area code for the eastern and southeastern regions of Pennsylvania. Area code 610 is located in the Eastern Time Zone and covers 12 counties of Pennsylvania. Area code 610 was put into service on January 8, 1994, and was created from a split of area code 215. Area code 610 was overlaid with area code 484 on June 5, 1999. (Source: www.areacodeguide.com)

Area Codes 610 and 48

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Area code 835 was intended as an additional overlay code for the 610 and 484 numbering plan area, as announced by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission in May 2000 and to be implemented in 2001. However, newly developed, more efficient number pooling measures were introduced instead, eliminating the immediate need for the new area code. The Commission formally withdrew plans for the new code on June 23, 2005, although the code remains reserved for later use within the Commonwealth if necessary.

Area code 610 was the last area code assigned with a "1" (one) for its middle digit. When area codes were introduced in 1947, all numbers followed the pattern N0X or N1X (where the middle digit was either a zero or one). By 1994, area code 610 was the last remaining number in this group. The next new area codes after 610 to be assigned (334 in Alabama and 360 in Washington, both in 1995) were the first to have numbers other than 0 or 1 for their middle digits. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)



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