516 Area Code

516 Area Code

516 Area Cod

Have you been considering learning more about the 516 area code and how to get one of these phone numbers for your business? If so, we’ll cover various aspects of the 516 area code and how to get a phone number for your business or personal use with Global Call Forwarding. Let’s begin! (Source: www.globalcallforwarding.com)

Mandatory 10-Digit Phone Dialing to Start Within 516 Area Code

www.newsday.com)With the expansion starting Sunday, Oct. 24 of universal 10-digit (and, depending on your carrier, 11-digit) dialing to cover calls made within Nassau County's area code, 516, Robert Wolfe of North Woodmere must update his speed-dialing presets — and also check his burglar alarm. (Source:

What’s Changing and Why?

By July 16, 2022, dialing "988" must connect the caller to a suicide-prevention hotline, under rules adopted July 16, 2020, by the Federal Communications Commission. (The "988" hotline joins other three-digit hotlines, such as "911" for emergencies, "411" for directory information and "311" in some localities for municipal services.) The "988" line, the FCC argues in its order, means "easing access to suicide prevention and crisis intervention services, decreasing the stigma surrounding suicide and mental health crises, and ultimately saving lives." (Source: www.newsday.com)

Beyond Phones, What Other Devices Are Affected by the Changeover?

Any device that uses the phone to communicate, including life-safety systems, fax machines, voicemail, call-forwarding services, burglar alarms, door buzzers, gates, and voicemail. Some of these devices might already be programmed to call out with an area code, but you should check yourself or with the provider. 

Must I Use 10 Digits (area Code + Phone Number) or 11 Digits (1 + Area Code + Phone Number)?

That depends on your carrier. Altice's Optimum phone systems recognize calls dialed with either 10 or 11 digits, according to Janet Meahan, an Altice spokeswoman. But Richard J. Young, a Verizon spokesman, says 11 digits (1 + area code + phone number) should be dialed on that company’s systems, regardless of whether you’ve got a VoIP phone or a more-traditional phone line. (Cellphones do not require dialing 1.) (Source: www.newsday.com)



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