40 of 35 Is What Percentage of 140 OR

40 of 35 Is What Percentage of 140 OR

40 of 35 Is What Percentage of 140

Write what percent (40%) of 35 is what percent (140)?


Direction: Read and analyze each sentence that follows, and think of what to be filled on the blanks to complete the thoughts. Write your answer on yo … ur answer sheet. 1. The point where the values of the ordinates of the graph of any circular function repeated is referred to as ____________________. 2. The height of the graphs of sine and cosine function is called ____________________. 3. The number of cycles of the graph of circular function in the interval of for tangent and cotangent function, and 2 for the remaining four functions is known as _________________. 4. The range of the sine and cosine function with the presence of a vertical shift in their graphs is denoted as _________________. 5. The domain of sine and cosine function as well as the range of tangent and cotangent function is similarly denoted by the notation _________________. 6. The zero points of the reciprocal function of secant and cosecant function locates the _________________ of their respective graphs. 7. In cosine function, its graph or curve always starts at the _________________. 8. When the value of the amplitude |a| is less than 1, the graph of the circular function is _________________. 9. When the value of the amplitude |a| exceeds 1, the graph of the circular function is _________________. 10.The period for sine, cosine, cosecant and secant function is expressed in an equation as _________________. 11.For circular functions like tangent and cotangent, their period is expressed in the equation _________________. 12.The asymptotes of the graph of both secant and tangent function always occur at the _______________ of cosine function. 13.The graph of circular function is shifted horizontally by a ________________. 14.The range of both cosecant and secant function with the presence of constant d is denoted by a notation __________________. 15.When a vertical shift is greater than 0, the graph is shifted |d| units ____________, and |d| units ____________ when it’s less than 0.pa-help naman po dito, thank you in advance! <33

16 percent of 2000 equals 320. To get this answer, multiply 0.16 by 2000. You may need to know this answer when solving a math problem that multiplies both 16% and 2000. Perhaps a product worth 2000 dollars, euros, or pounds is advertised as 16% off. Knowing the exact amount discounted from the original price… (Source: thenextgenbusiness.com)


Sale Price = $84 (answer). This means the cost of the item to you is $84. You will pay $84 for a item with original price of $140 when discounted 40%. In this example, if you buy an item at $140 with 40% discount, you will pay 140 – 56 = 84 dollars.(*) Note: absolute value means that we must consider always a positive value as for example: |1|=1 (absolute value of 1 is 1) and |-1|= 1 (absolute value of minus 1 is also 1). See more about percent difference here. As we can see, the answer for questions 1) and 2) are the same. That is because when we talk about diference in percentage, the order of the two values doesn't matter because the formula takes the absolute value of the diference divide by the mean value of each value.

In worksheet on percent problems we will practice various types of questions on calculating percentage problems. To answer the questions review application of percentage before practicing the sheet. Fill in the blanks:(i)The symbol of percent is … (ii)The word ‘cent’ means …The absolute difference of two real numbers x, y is given by |x − y|, the absolute value of their difference. The minus sign denotes subtraction and |z| means absolute value. Absolute difference describes the distance between the points corresponding to x and y on the real line. That means that the total number of band members is 400. (Source: percentage-calculator.net)



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