4 Out of 27 As a Percentage

4 Out of 27 As a Percentage

4 Out of 27 As a Percentage


4 out of 27 business owners don’t believe that their jobs are safe because governments are preparing to implement automation, according to PwC.


Word problems on percentage will help us to solve various types of problems related to percentage. Follow the procedure to solve similar type of percent problems. 1. In an exam Ashley secured 332 marks. If she secured 83 % makes, find the maximum marks. Practice the questions given in the worksheet on percentage of a number. We know, to find the percent of a number we obtain the given number and then multiply the number by the required percent i.e., x % of a = x/100 × a 1. Find the following: (i) 22 % of 140 In this section we learn how to express one number as a percentage of annother. For example, by the end of this section we'll have no trouble showing that: \[18 = 45\% \ \text{of} \ 40\] We start by learning the method as well as read through a worked example before working through some exercises.

Because to know the percentage of boys in the class, we need to write the ratio as the number of boys to the total number of students in the class. So the first ratio (12:15) is the number of boys relative to the number of girls and the second ratio (12:27) is the number of boys relative to the entire class size. (Source: financial-calculators.com)


Imagine we want to know "X" is 20% of what number "Y" if "X" equals 2,250. (The ratio looks like this: 2250:Y). You have to pay 20% of an upcoming doctor's bill, and the insurance company will pay the balance. You have $2,250. What is the maximum amount the bill can be so that you'll still have enough to cover your share? Use Percentage Calculator 2 Or suppose we want to know what number "X" is 90% of "Y" if "Y" is 145? (The ratio looks like this: X:145). An "A" grade is 90% or above. If there are 145 questions on the test, how many do I have to get right to get an "A"? Use Percentage Calculator 3

Calculator 1 can also be used as a fraction to percent calculator. How? If you've been following along, you probably already know. But for those who may have skipped ahead, the answer is simple. Take any fractions, for example, "27/82", and enter the numerator (27) into "This number." Then take the denominator (82) and enter it into "is what percent of this number." The percentage is 32.9268%. As finding 10% of a number means to divide by 10, it is common to think that to find 20% of a number you should divide by 20 etc. Remember, to find 10% of a number means dividing by 10 because 10 goes into 100 ten times. Therefore, to find 20% of a number, divide by 5 because 20 goes into 100 five times. (Source: www.bbc.co.uk)



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