202 Area Code

202 Area Code

All Customers With a Dc 202 Area Code Must Dial Area Code + Telephone Number for All Local Calls Beginning October 9, 2021

To ensure a continuing supply of telephone numbers, the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia approved the addition of the new 771 area code to the geographic region served by the 202 area code. This process is known as an area code overlay.  

202 Area Cod

he capital of the United States, Washington D.C. — formally the District of Columbia — is served by area code 202. This area code is one of the original codes established by AT&T in 1947 as part of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). Washington D.C. is a territory, not a city or state and holds major national governmental offices.  

What Time Does Area Code 202 Follow?

Washington D.C., like most states on the eastern side of the States, follows the Eastern Standard Time (EST). And so, the time zone observed by residents is UTC/GMT–5 during winter and fall months (November to March). However, in the spring and summer months, the country switches time to adjust to Daylight Savings Time. And because of this, Washington D.C. runs on Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), which is UTC/GMT–4.

Washington D.c.: Technology, Start-Ups, and Small Businesses

Most jobs available in this territory are related to the federal government. The second largest industry is the ever-prosperous tourism industry. But these aside, Washington D.C. has been thriving in the field of technology. Small businesses and start-ups are flocking here to make the most of the territory’s steady economy and highly-skilled talent. Because millennials and Gen Y make up about 35% of the population, new companies can take advantage of emerging professionals. For someone starting a new business or expanding their existing business, there is no better place than the capital of the U.S.  

What Area Does the 202 Area Code Cover?

The Washington D.C. area code covers the area of Washington D.C. in the United States. Washington D.C. is located near the Potomac river bordering Maryland and Virginia. It is home to the president of the U.S. and other famous American monuments. Area code 202 serves the District of Columbia county and the city of Washington. All three branches of the federal government are present here: the Congress, President, and the Supreme Court. That aside, Washington D.C. also hosts 177 foreign embassies and headquarters, many international organizations, non-profits, professional organizations, and lobbying groups.  


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