Wing Stop Near Me: New WingStop

Wing Stop Near Me: New WingStop


Wing Stop Near Me

Wing Stop

Wing Stop is a fast-food fast food-style a chicken restaurant, originally from Texas. The company was founded in Wichita Falls in 1996. It is headquartered in Dallas. The company has made a name for itself among people who want quick and good food at a low cost.

8 Boneless or Classic (Bone-In) wings with up to 2 flavors, regular fries, or veggie sticks, 1 dip, and a 20oz drink (Source: www.ubereats.com)


At Wingstop, we're passionate about what we serve in our restaurants. That's why every day before we open our doors, our family members make sure to make their signature sauce in front of each table. Not only is this authentic, but it really is the cornerstone of our success. We make this recipe in our very own kitchen. Stewarding it with the same attention to detail that our guests would expect in their own homes.

Wing Stop Near Me

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Wing Stop Near Me is a chain of restaurants with a fun and quick menu to choose from. You can order a meal and eat it in under a minute! Wing Stop offers a variety of flavors, so there's a flavor for everyone to enjoy. From chicken wings made from tender white meat to a huge selection of steak sandwiches, Wing Stop has an amazing menu! Wing Stop also serves delicious sides like fries, mac and cheese, and mozzarella sticks.

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While prices may vary by location, WingStop in Las Vegas is charging $3.29 for two thighs, while five thighs are priced at $6.79. You can also get a Crispy Thigh Large Combo. Which includes three Crispy Thighs with one flavor, four Classic wings with one flavor. A regular fries or veggie sticks, plus one dip and a 20-oz drink for $11.99. A Crispy Thigh Medium Combo with two Crispy Thighs is also available for $9.59. (Source: www.chewboom.com)


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