What Is a Tamale

What Is a Tamale


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Authentic Tamales Recip

A Simple step-by-step recipe and instructions for making authentic Tamales! Fill them with pork, chicken or beans and cheese and cooked on the stovetop or in the instant pot. (Source: tastesbetterfromscratch.com)

What Is a Tamale?

Tamales are a traditional Mexican dish made with a corn based dough mixture that is filled with various meats or beans and cheese. Tamales are wrapped and cooked in corn husks or banana leaves, but they are removed from the husks before eating. Try them served with pico de gallo on top and a side of guacamole and rice. 

Freezing and Reheating Instructions:

To freeze tamales: I love making a big batch of tamales to keep in the freezer for busy nights. To freeze them, allow the cooked tamales to cool completely, then stick them in a freezer ziplock bag and freeze for up to 3 months.

What Are They?

Tamales are a complete meal in a portable form. In most versions, tamales are made from a mixture of corn dough (masa) and filling, wrapped in a banana leaf or corn husk, and then steamed. The corn masa becomes firmer when steamed, and the tamale can be unwrapped and eaten on the go. (Source: www.thespruceeats.com)

Tamale Definition & Meanin

: cornmeal dough rolled with ground meat or beans seasoned usually with chili, wrapped usually in corn husks, and steamed 

How to Make Tamale

Learn how to make tamales with this easy recipe and step-by-step tutorial! They’re easy to customize (chicken, beef, pork and vegetarian filling recipes provided), they’re made with zero lard or shortening, they’re easy to freeze, and taste as delicious as ever! (Source: www.gimmesomeoven.com)

What Is a Tamale?

First off, what kind of tamales are we talking about exactly? Well, tamales are actually a traditional dish in dozens of countries around Central and South America. But today, we are specifically talking about Mexican tamales, which feature a corn-based masa (dough) wrapped around a filling and steamed in a corn husk. They are traditionally filled with either chicken, pork, beef, cheese and/or beans, but you’re welcome to customize the filling in this recipe however you would like. 



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