What Is a Falafelor

What Is a Falafelor

What Is a Falafel

The falafel is an Arab dish made from a ball of dough that is deep fried and stuffed with veggies, chickpeas, and spices, among other ingredients. Though this dish is most popular in the Middle East and Mediterranean countries, eating falafel is a common meal for the whole world. Now, you can make your own delicious falafel, made from scratch, with this recipe.


Falafel are deep-fried balls or patties made from chickpeas or fava beans, sometimes both, plus fresh herbs and spices. Falafel is a popular Middle Eastern street food sold from vendors or fast-casual spots in countries such as Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and Israel, where it’s the national dish. Falafel is also a popular vegetarian and vegan food. It’s served in pita sandwiches with pickles, hot sauce, tahini and vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce; as part of a mezze spread with other small plates such as hummus, tabbouleh and grape leaves; or paired with salad or as a side with hummus.

Falafel’s main ingredient are chickpeas, though it’s sometimes made with fava beans or a combination of the two. The chickpeas (and/or fava beans) are combined with fresh herbs such as parsley, cilantro and dill, spices including cumin, coriander and cayenne or crushed red-pepper flakes and aromatics such as onions, garlic and shallots. Many recipes also call for baking soda; since it’s a rising agent, it helps keep falafel from becoming dense and ensures a tender, almost fluffy interior. (Source: www.foodnetwork.com)


Since falafel is prepared with chickpeas, herbs, spices and alliums, it is vegan. However, falafel is sometimes served in wraps which may not be vegan, or with yogurt- or dairy-based sauces, so be sure to seek out vegan-friendly accompaniments. If you purchase a packaged falafel mix, look for labelling that says “vegan” or check the ingredient list to ensure that it doesn’t contain dairy, meat or eggs, and that it’s been processed in a dairy-, meat- and egg-free facility.

Dried spices — Just like the fresh herbs, we don’t hold back when adding dried spices. We add ground cumin (a little smoky), ground coriander (a little nutty with a hint of citrus), ground cardamom (a hint of citrus and herbal), as well as cayenne pepper (hot and spicy). In addition to the spices, we add a generous amount of salt and some ground black pepper. (Source: www.inspiredtaste.net)


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