Wet Burrito

Wet Burrito

Best Ever Smothered Wet Burritos (beltline Bar Copycat) • Zona Cooks

Best Ever Smothered Wet Burritos have a ground beef and refried bean filling wrapped in a large tortilla smothered with red sauce and melted cheese. 

What Is a Burrito?

A burrito starts with a flour tortilla that’s wrapped all the way around one or more ingredients in the style of an envelope. Burritos can be filled with just about anything, including meat, cheese, eggs, sausage, sauce, beans, and several types of vegetables. They are typically large and just one usually fills up a dinner plate. Some are smothered in sauce while others can be picked up and eaten with your hands. 

What Is an Enchilada?

Enchiladas start with small corn tortillas and are wrapped around a filling and rolled up but the ends are not typically tucked in. They’re usually served in a bed of enchilada sauce or chili sauce with a sprinkling of cheese on top. They are typically small and several can fit on one dinner plate. Enchiladas are almost always eaten with a fork because they’re usually smothered with sauce. (Source: zonacooks.com)

What Is a Chimichanga?

Chimichangas are basically deep fried burritos. They can also be brushed with oil and baked in the oven to get a crispy outer shell. They start with a burrito sized flour tortilla and fillings vary but are usually filled with the same kinds of fillings found in burritos. Chimichangas are usually served with sour cream, guacamole, enchilada sauce, and cheese on top. (Source: zonacooks.com)

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Easy Wet Burrito Recip

The reigning king of all burritos has to be a delicious Wet Burrito stuffed with shredded meat, beans, rice and cheese, smothered in red or green enchilada sauce and baked with cheese on top. 

Notes on Some Ingredients..

Ground Beef: substitute the meat for any kind of meat you prefer. Some ideas include carnitas, barbacoa, brisket, chicken, or use ground chicken or turkey for a leaner option. (Source:

How to Make (step-by-Step):

Step 1 & 2: Prepare fillings, the ground beef is cooked and then mixed with a homemade taco seasoning and some tomato sauce. Prepare the rice and refried beans. Have all of your filling ingredients warm, this helps with the baking time. (Source: houseofyumm.com)

Wet Burritos Recipe

Having grown up with these, I didn't realize that most folks have never heard of a wet burrito. It is a meat and bean (or all meat or all bean) burrito with a spicy gravy and cheese on top. They are available here in many restaurants, and no self respecting bar would be without one on the menu, lol! Once you try them, you'll never go back to "dry" burritos again! Don't let the long list of directions scare you, these are easy! 



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