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Walmart Cakes

Walmart Cakes


Walmart Cakes

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A cake is a sweet dessert, usually made from a batter of ingredients like flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and flavorings.

I first found out how delish Walmart cakes are a few years ago, when my daughter decided last min that she didn't want her usual ice cream cake, went to Walmart and ordered her one for the next day! They were so super fresh, most and just over all mouth watering! The icing was a whipped cream icing which was amazing as most cakes have a heavy fondant icing and no one usually eats it! (Source: www.chickadvisor.com)


For the first time in its nearly 60-year history, a Walmart bakery launched July 29.

Walmart’s in-store bakeries create ready-made and custom cakes for all kinds of occasions, and they make them affordable for everyone, too. (Source: querysprout.com)


Have you ever stopped to think about cake? Wal-Mart cakes, or not, this article is about cakes.

Unfortunately, Walmart’s in-store bakery does not accommodate any special diets, like gluten-free individuals, vegans or those who need less sugar. (Source: querysprout.com)


Walmart cakes are one of the company's best-selling desserts, with over 700,000 pieces of cake just sold at a single Walmart location in one single day. The cakes are sold in many varieties, including red velvet, carrot cake, lemon cake, and more, but they all share the same purpose - to make you feel better on an empty stomach.

When you order a cake through Walmart’s bakery, you’ll have the option to create your own custom cake, choose from a selection of pre-designed cakes, or customize one of Walmart’s pre-designed options. In addition to custom cakes, Walmart also offers the option to customize cupcakes. (Source: www.shopfood.com)



Walmart cakes are perfect for any day or event where you need some beautiful decoration. Walmart sells various kinds of cakes for any time of the year and for just about any occasion. Whether you are celebrating an occasion like a birthday, baptism, anniversary, first communion, mother’s day, or even on a day just for you, Walmart has what you need.

Walmart’s cakes are available in multiple sizes: round cake, sheet cake, and cupcake (a sheet cake surrounded by cupcakes). While a full sheet cake will cost you $43 before customization, a single-layer 8” round cake costs $7.50, and a 12-count cupcake cake costs $10. (Source: www.shopfood.com)



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