Veggie Grill OOR

Veggie Grill OOR

Veggie Grill

Veggie Grill doesn’t just have the best grilled cheese sandwiches. They have the best grilled cheese sandwiches on the planet. They also have healthy, plant-based recipes that have thousands of raving fans. Personally, I’ve been trying to give up meat for decades, but it’s been so hard! Now I don’t need to do that anymore because Veggie Grill has the best grilled cheese sandwiches on earth.


Veggie Grill is an entirely vegan fast-casual restaurant chain. It offers a fantastic selection of American-style diner food. The menu gets a new round of updates every few months, bringing you a variety of choices that other chains can’t match. With more than thirty locations nationwide, Veggie Grill operates more vegan restaurants in the United States than any chain except Loving Hut. (

Food is reasonably priced. You get an all-vegan menu at prices only a little higher than Denny’s. If you care about nutrition, you’re in luck. The chain features a nutritional calculator on their website breaking down every single item on the menu. (


)Adding more plants to meals is always at the top of my menu planning, and summer’s bounty makes it even easier to do. With a hot grill already fired up for grilled chicken, fish, or kebabs, I love slicing up fresh vegetables and tossing them on the grill for a simple mezze-ish platter side. Even more, grilled vegetables are a healthy vegetarian main. Grill then chop them up for this favorite healthy pasta salad (with avocado!), or add them to healthy Mediterranean grain bowls, or turn them into this easy grilled veggie sandwiches slathered with ricotta cheese. (Source:

Slice the vegetables the same thickness so they cook at the same rate. I use a handheld mandoline to make my zucchini, eggplant, and onion slices perfectly coordinate. I aim for slices that fall somewhere between 1/3″ and 1/2″ — I can’t do math so I eyeball it. Slicing the veggies too thin will make them too tender as and disintegrate on the grill. (Source:



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