Turkey gravy

Turkey gravy

Turkey gravy

It’s turkey day, but I can’t say no to stuffing my face with turkey gravy. It has the flavor I like with the consistency I want. But this gravy demands your attention. There’s something special about this gravy.


When your turkey goes into the oven, start the broth: Melt the butter in a large saucepan over medium-low heat. Add the onion and turkey neck and giblets; cook, stirring, until the giblets are browned, about 15 minutes. Add the chicken broth, herb sprigs and bay leaf; cover and simmer while the turkey roasts, about 2 hours. Strain the broth and keep warm; reserve the neck and giblets, if desired.

The Golden Formula: (for 8 cups of gravy) 1/2 cup fat Use the oil that separates from your turkey drippings. If you don't have enough, add butter. 1/2 cup flour Cook the flour with the fat to make a roux for thickening the gravy. For a darker gravy, cook the roux longer. (Note: Darker roux has less thickening power.) 8 cups broth Upgrade store-bought broth by simmering it with a sliced onion, a bay leaf, a few sprigs of thyme, parsley and/or sage, and the turkey giblets for about 2 hours. Quick Fixes: Too Thick? Add a splash of water, broth, brandy or bourbon. Too Thin? Mix equal parts flour and soft butter; whisk into boiling gravy. Too Lumpy? Strain the gravy through a fine-mesh sieve. (Source: www.foodnetwork.com)

Our turkey gravy is quick, easy to make and absolutely delicious. Made with or without leftover pan drippings from your Roast Turkey or Roast Chicken, this is so much better than canned or instant gravy! Especially when those incredible roast flavours are infused through every mouthful. (Source: cafedelites.com)

The browned scrapings leftover on the bottom of the roasting pan from your Succulent Roast Turkey or Chicken might look bin worthy at first glance, but I promise you, those drippings are flavour gold — a Thanksgiving gift! (Source: cafedelites.com Nothing beats a classic, good old-fashioned turkey gravy with your Thanksgiving dinner. You can prepare it fresh before setting all the food on the table, OR make it slightly ahead and warm it up when dinner is ready! (Source:cafedelites.com))

Whether you’ve roasted a whole chicken or a turkey, a rich flavourful gravy is about to hit your table using minimal ingredients and effort: (Source: cafedelites.com)We love making our turkey gravy just before we eat, but you can make it ahead. Just warm it up right before dinner, adding a little extra stock if needed. (Source: cafedelites.com)

The perfect Thanksgiving turkey gravy! (Source: cafedelites.com Since our turkey gravy is a roux gravy, keep in mind it will continue to thicken as it cools. If it has thickened too much, just add a little more liquid before it hits the table. (Source:cafedelites.com))

Dinner is not complete without a rich, homemade Turkey Gravy! Quick, easy to make and absolutely delicious. Made WITH or WITHOUT leftover pan drippings from your Roast Turkey or Roast Chicken. Rich liquid gold! (Source: cafedelites.com There’s nothing better than a warm, homemade delicious turkey gravy. Perfect with your mashed potatoes, stuffing, and whatever else you love with gravy! (Source:cafedelites.com cPour in 1/2 cup of the pan juices from Roast Turkey or Roast Chicken and whisk until it forms a paste. Add remaining liquid in 1/2 cup increments, whisking in between, until the gravy is smooth. (Source:afedelites.com))


There are just two simple steps (and five easy ingredients) in this delicious turkey gravy from drippings. You’ll be delighted with the smooth, flavorful results. This is a recipe you’ll return to every year, so be prepared to become the designated “gravy maker” at all your holiday gatherings. You'll get rave reviews, but don’t let anyone know how easy it really is to make turkey graving from drippings; it may sound complicated, but with Betty's foolproof recipe you'll be able to add another turkey feather to your apron.

Taste as you go! Gravy is often the star of a turkey dinner, the condiment that ties the meat, potatoes, and veggies together. So be sure it’s well seasoned before the gravy boat is set on the table. (Source: www.bettycrocker.com)Don’t believe what you hear – making gravy isn’t as hard as everyone says. Just start with Betty’s guide to making easy turkey gravy [https://www.bettycrocker.com/how-to/tipslibrary/cooking-tips/how-to-make-gravy] and you’ll be ready to go when the big day comes. Take your pick of the many turkey gravy recipe options [https://www.bettycrocker.com/recipes/dishes/gravy-recipes], all of which will help you add that perfect homemade touch to your dinner. When the moment for gravy-making arrives, measure your dripping accurately, keep stirring, and stay with it. After just a minute of boiling, it’s time to find the gravy boat and call “dinner is served,” because your gravy from drippings will be ready to go. The perfectly cooked bird and the beautifully whipped mashed potatoes will taste even better when you add a few dollops of your rich and robust turkey gravy. Once you’ve tackled turkey gravy, you can add more favorites to your lineup, including Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy, Chicken à la King, Pork Chops in Country Onion Gravy, Hamburger Gravy and Biscuits with Gravy. (Source: www.bettycrocker.com)

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