Touchdown Wings: Late-night TV Food

Touchdown Wings: Late-night TV Food


Touchdown Wings: Latenight TV Food

Touchdown Wings is a very popular late-night TV food show featuring two friends and their banter and antics. The show follows the pair as they eat and comment on what they eat and how it tastes and its food and snack pairings. The show was hosted by Justin Trosclair and Ashley Manta.

Touchdown Wing Fairburn

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One has to be in the mood for wings, which some people may want some options. Football game day is like rooting for your favorite team on game day. Football game day is like watching Touchdown Wings, not only because football is more exciting. But also because it is more common since food consumption is pre-planned, there are always hundreds of options on game day.

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Wings To Take Down Atlanta

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Coach James Carver has had the pleasure of being the Bowling Green Falcons’ head football coach for the last four years. With most of his time at BGSU being spent playing at 2G5. Coach Carver is excited about the D4 soccer team's potential to win. But after his loss to Atlanta, he is also showing his disgust by destroying his best players.

When it comes to chicken wings (and Philly Cheesesteaks, burgers, fried fish, and even fried rice), Touchdown Wings doesn't fumble. With over 20 franchise locations already and another two impending, owner Jay Yang is recruiting more storefronts for his winning team of restaurants (Source:whatnowatlanta.com)

Touchdown Wings Lithonia

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The first and only location will be located in Lithonia and will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am until 10 pm. And plans to open Monday as well. With close to 100 different combinations of sauces and flavors. As well as a huge selection of different sauces and dipping veggies, it's pretty hard to not leave satisfied.

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The wings, spread before the touchdown is called, are full of pungent undertones of garlic, salt, honey, and ginger.

The sauce, at its very core, is butter, garlic, fresh ginger, honey, soy sauce, and salt. It's spicy and flavorful, yet not overwhelming, due to its subtle flavor profile. Amidst the heat of the game, they dehydrate the wings which leave the inside juicy and juicy. The wings are cooked for 17 minutes at 300 degrees, which allows the sauce to flavor the wings without drying them.


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