Top Chef Houston - Houston's Culinary Capital

Top Chef Houston - Houston's Culinary Capital


top chef houston

With the Houston season of "Top Chef" underway, Bravo Tv is sending its most famous chefs to Texas' biggest city for a culinary adventure that's sure to leave a lasting impression. It's a chance to experience the many restaurants, markets, museums and even an island that make Houston the foodie capital it is today.

The city’s food scene

The city’s diverse culinary scene has garnered a national reputation. Whether you’re looking for a slice of Southern hospitality or cutting-edge, upscale dining, there’s no shortage of options.

In fact, Time magazine recently recognized Houston as one of the top food cities in the world. The list praised the city’s “epic range of ethnic cuisines, fantastic seafood and great barbecue.”

With global travel back on the map, Houston is a mecca for travelers from around the globe who come to dine at a variety of new restaurants opening every year. From modern Indian restaurant Musaafer to French gastronomic gem Etoile Cuisine Et Bar, there’s no shortage of restaurants with international flair to choose from.

Located in Montrose Collective, Italian chophouse Marmo debuted in April and has quickly become a must-visit spot for steaks and pastas. Its menu highlights standouts like a beautifully plated hamachi or a heavenly squid ink campanelle.

Houston is also home to an impressive list of breweries and cider houses that offer a variety of handcrafted cocktails, beer and wine. Drinks such as a Modena Cup with Pimm’s, strawberry, blood orange syrup and white balsamic vinegar, or a Bergamot Margarita with tequila and lime are just some of the options.

The city’s restaurant culture has a rich history, and it’s still alive and well today. Throughout the city, you can find small, family-owned establishments that have been in business for generations.

For instance, Three Brothers Bakery is a Houston staple that started out as a bakery in Chrzanow, Poland, before emigrating to the United States. It has since expanded to include a full-service cafe and an all-day bakery in the East End, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

In the same neighborhood, local chef Travis McShane has made a name for himself in the industry with his rustic-meets-modern approach to chicken and roast pork at Goode Company. The acclaimed chef, who grew up in the area, is known for his fresh, seasonal approach to food.

Another must-try is Mexican-inspired chef Hugo Ortega, whose Xochi in Montrose and Caracol in Midtown are some of Houston’s best spots for ceviches, mole dishes and some of the city’s most sought-after margaritas. During Top Chef Season 2, he was one of the judges for episode three’s elimination challenge, and is currently launching a Latin American-Mediterranean eatery in The Ion at Houston’s newest mixed-use development, Montrose Collective.

The judging panel

Houston’s diverse food scene is one of the city’s many reasons for being such an ideal location for season 19 of Top Chef. From the buzzy new eateries and iconic local restaurants to a variety of markets, museums and neighborhoods, the city is full of opportunities for culinary adventure.

Houston also happens to be home to some of the most prestigious names in the culinary world. In fact, the first episode of this season features a table full of some of the city’s most renowned chefs offering commentary on the competition’s dishes.

In addition to Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons and host Padma Lakshmi, this season will feature an all-star judging panel made up of former contestants from previous seasons of Top Chef. They include Tiffany Derry (season 7, Washington D.C.), Hung Huynh (season 3, Miami), Stephanie Izard (season 4, Chicago), Melissa King (season 12, Boston), Kristen Kish (season 10, Seattle), Kwame Onwuachi (season 13, California) and Brooke Williamson (season 10, Seattle).

As for the judging panel’s challenges, they’re going to take the chefs to some of the most exciting and interesting parts of the city’s food culture. They’re going to create space-friendly dishes for former astronauts, head out to the Gulf with Tom for an unforgettable fishing experience and put their own spin on some of the most popular staples of Houston’s culinary history.

They’re also going to make a trip to Freedmen’s Town, a nationally registered historical site that served as a community for former slaves after the Civil War. They’re also going to pay tribute to the state’s female trailblazers, feed Houstonians at an Asian night market, and spotlight Nigerian cuisine in honor of the city’s largest Nigerian population.

Ultimately, the judges will decide who will win this season’s top prize. But first, they’re going to have to eat some of the best food the city has to offer.

This season is sure to be one of the most memorable in Top Chef history, as the city’s dazzling culinary scene reveals just how diverse and exciting its food can be. From the hottest new spots to icons in the local food industry, this season will leave you craving more of what Houston has to offer and inspiring you to plan a trip to this incredible city.

The Quickfire challenge

In the first episode of top chef houston, we met some of the city’s most influential chefs at The Annie Cafe and Bar. Among them were Hugo Ortega, the owner of Xochi and Caracol restaurants; Chris Shepherd, who owns Underbelly Hospitality, which has restaurants such as Georgia James (where you can get the best steak in Houston); and Kiran Verma, whose restaurant Kiran’s has become one of the city’s go-tos for authentic Indian cuisine.

For the Quickfire challenge, the contestants had to create a dish using a certain color of fruit or vegetables. The winning chef received immunity from elimination and US$10,000.

Next, the chefs had to create two dishes that looked alike, but tasted different. Each chef was assigned a partner, and the winning team was awarded 30 extra minutes of cooking time.

The next challenge was a “seafood tower” that required the chefs to prepare both hot and cold shellfish. They could only use limited equipment and tools, host Padma Lakshmi said. She praised Shanti’s hot seafood, which included peel-and-eat jerk shrimp.

This was a great example of how the show has raised the bar on exceptional food. Instead of a dish that’s just bad, it’s the subtle differences in execution that send a chef packing.

Another highlight was the use of carne seca, which is air-dried beef that’s common in Mexico. After meeting with El Charro, the oldest family-owned Mexican restaurant in America, Carlotta Flores walked the cheftestants through how to use this savory ingredient.

She also told them how it has a distinct taste that hints at its Mexican heritage. The final challenge of this episode was an Elimination Challenge that involved using cactus and chiltepin, two native ingredients of the Sonoran Desert.

The winner of this episode earned a spot in the finale by creating a dish that combined these two native ingredients into a savory and sweet dish. The other two chefs were sent home, proving that the season’s Top Chef judges have raised the bar for exceptional food.

The elimination challenge

After Season 18 ended in a controversial scandal involving harassment and a winner who went on to win the competition, viewers were hoping that Season 19 would bring a fresh start. Top Chef: Houston was the first season that featured a city not previously covered in the show, and it was hosted by three of the series’ past judges: Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, and Gail Simmons.

Throughout the season, Houston’s diversity is on full display. From its food markets and specialty stores to the chefs themselves, the city’s diverse culinary offerings make it an ideal setting for Top Chef.

In this episode, the chefs were tasked with preparing dishes that honored five trailblazing Texas women: Ann Richards, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Barbara Jordan, Bessie Coleman, and Selena. They served their creations to a table of guest diners including Suzette Quintanilla, Sheryl Swoopes, Lori Choi, and Lauren Anderson.

For her first challenge of the season, Evelyn was given the opportunity to channel her emotions on a plate by highlighting her Houston roots. She chose to cook with ingredients that are dear to her and her culture. She served a Mexican-style soup and redfish cake to the judging panel, and both were well received.

While Nick Wallace, a Mississippi native, was doing well on the competition, it was his second challenge of the season that led to his elimination. Known as “The Baker” for his skills with dough, Nick had been bringing home the bacon on a consistent basis during his time in Houston.

The chef had been able to secure a number of Quickfire wins, but in his last challenge, Nick was faced with the possibility of being eliminated for the first time on the show. He had been putting up a good fight, but his timing was off and he rushed the execution of his dishes.

As a result, the judges felt that Nick’s dish was not a high-quality representation of his cooking style. In addition to the dish’s lack of depth, it also failed to evoke the right feelings in its audience.

In the upcoming Elimination Challenge, the remaining three chefs will be tasked with creating a progressive four-course meal that showcases their skills as a cook and their individual personalities. This will be the first time that all of the finalists will be cooking together on Top Chef. The final chef will be crowned the winner and receive $250,000 and a spot in FOOD & WINE magazine. Watch the Top Chef: Houston finale on Thursday, June 2.

Benny Crawley Is Fired From Below Deck Down Under Season 1


Below Deck Down Under season 1 has seen some major crew shakeups so far. This week, one of those crewmates gets the boot.

This time it’s Deckhand Benny Crawley who’s in hot water. He’s been butting heads with Bosun Jamie Sayed this season and has had a few hiccups along the way.

Benny Crawley

The crew on Below Deck Down Under has a lot to worry about, especially with three of them currently in danger of losing their jobs. Text-happy stewardess Magda Ziomek, snippy chef Ryan McKeown and now junior deckhand Benny Crawley all seem on the brink of firing.

In the latest episode of Below Deck Down Under season 1, a rift grows between bosun Jamie Sayed and his junior deckhand Benny Crawley. The 34-year-old Aussie hasn't been a star employee to date this season, taking criticisms defensively and almost crashing a tender into the yacht. But things only get worse between the two this week, as Benny struggles to stay motivated on deck and a safety issue with his Jet Skis makes his boss see red.

Amid the chaos, Captain Jason decides to switch up the deckhand schedule so he can keep a closer eye on Benny. He puts Benny on mornings, deckie Culver Bradbury on mid-afternoons and Brittini Burton on nights. But it's soon clear that the change is nothing more than a ploy to make sure he doesn't pull his weight during the nighttime.

But that doesn't stop Benny from pushing the boat hard, promoting night fishing in front of Brittini even though it's her job to monitor it. He also encourages the guests to try out a sexy new dance move that involves swinging their arms around each other.

When Brittini gets into the mix, she tries to create a safe space for Benny outside of Jamie's reach, starting with a tip meeting where she confesses that she changed shifts without telling Benny he wasn't pulling his weight and that it was just a way for her to be more assertive in her relationship with Jamie.

Then, Brittini calls a meeting with her fellow deckhands to discuss the drama, and she tells Benny that he should not have taken off nights if he wasn't pulling his weight. After all, he felt intimidated by Jamie and his "foot on his neck," which is just the kind of thing that makes a job stressful.

Magda Ziomek

Magda Ziomek has been let go from Below Deck Down Under after weeks of ignoring her job duties and spending shifts on her phone. The chief stewardess spent so much time communicating with her boyfriend back home that she was unable to focus on her work.

As a result, Magda had trouble meeting Aesha Scott's expectations, and her work wasn't good enough for Captain Jason Chambers. After seeing her lack of focus, Jason decided it was time to make an exit.

Ahead of her departure, Magda told viewers she was grateful for the opportunity to work on Thalassa with Aesha and Captain Jason. She also appreciated the feedback she received from them, and promised to do better in the future.

After weeks of failing to meet Aesha's expectations, Magda has finally been fired from Below Deck Down Under. Though she had told Aesha that she was working hard to improve, her behavior didn't match up to their standards.

It seems like Benny Crawley is the only Below Deck Down Under cast member who has been able to grow with the crew over the course of the season. His approach to his job has improved, and he's been more respectful of his bosun Jamie Sayed.

Before joining Below Deck Down Under, Benny lost both of his parents within a year of each other. As a result, he has trouble maintaining a healthy relationship with his boss, and doesn't agree with some of the decisions made by Jamie. However, he did a great job at keeping his cabin clean and was helpful with all of the maintenance needs on the boat.

He has also been a huge support to the newbies on Below Deck Down Under, and has helped them learn how to get along with one another. It's a welcome change from how they were acting throughout the first half of the season, and many Below Deck Down Under fans have been happy with the changes.

In addition to being a positive influence, Benny is also a supportive and fun crew member. He always smiles when he walks on the ship, and he loves to dance.

Chef Ryan McKeown

Chef Ryan McKeown has had a rough time on Below Deck Down Under so far. He’s been struggling in the galley, and he’s been tussling with the chief stew, Aesha Scott, since the show started airing.

On the latest episode of Below Deck Down Under, he’s at it again. He’s kicking off the new season with some serious drama.

Captain Jason Chambers has been trying to be more of a cool older brother than a demanding boss, but he’s finally reaching his boiling point with Chef Ryan. And it’s all because of his attitude.

The captain’s arguing with him starts when he refuses to use the squid they caught as part of their dinner menu. And that just makes things worse for the captain.

Now, Captain Jason has to decide who gets fired next, and it looks like he’s going to have to get rid of Magda Ziomek, too!

Thankfully, it looks like Magda’s departure is more of a case of poor performance rather than bad behavior. After all, she’s been on this charter for weeks now and still hasn’t made the elusive strawberry drink. She’s also been racking up the yacht’s shared data plan by spending her days texting her boyfriend, which is definitely not how a crew member should be spending their time on a charter!

But even though she’s been let go, Magda isn’t really happy. She breaks the news to Tumi and Brittini, and she even tries to rope in Tumi’s sister, Brittini.

And when the guests arrive for their overnight charter, it turns out that Ryan has made no effort to make them a proper high tea, either. His lumpy-looking cheese “sandwiches” are so unappetizing that the British guests are already disappointed.

After all, high tea is supposed to be a nice, luxurious affair with lots of color and whimsy. So it’s hard for him to be in charge of such an important meal.

It’s also hard for him to be in charge of a crew that’s so insecure about themselves. They’re constantly teasing him, which isn’t helping their relationship at all.

Captain Jason Chambers

Captain Jason Chambers has tried to find a balance between his team and the needs of guests on Below Deck Down Under, but it's not always easy. After all, one of the crew members on Thalassa has been causing problems.

When it comes to the kitchen, Chef Ryan McKeown has been struggling since the charter season began. He's made mistakes and tussled with chief stew Aesha Scott, leading to the captain seeking out a replacement.

Meanwhile, Magda Ziomek's focus and performance have also been a concern for the captain. The third stew frequently communicated with her boyfriend, Maciek, back home, and it became increasingly apparent that she wasn't the best fit for the boat.

Finally, Benny Crawley was also becoming a problem on the boat. After nearly being let go, he decided to make his job more important. He started waking up early to clean the deck and stopped talking back to Bosun Jamie Sayed. He also started working on his leadership skills and respecting his boss.

With the help of deckhand Brittini Burton, he was able to get his work ethics back on track. However, he still had issues with Bosun Jamie Sayed.

Despite their rift, the crew members still had a good time onboard Thalassa. In fact, there was even a birthday party for the crew. Luckily, it didn't end in disaster.

On the latest episode of Below Deck Down Under, a new crew member was introduced to Thalassa. This was the start of a new charter on the boat, and it's sure to be an exciting one.

In this episode, the crew is on a mission to save another motor yacht that has lost its tender. It's a risky task, and Jamie is determined to help out. Eventually, the crew manages to retrieve the missing tender and save the day. But when Captain Jason pulls them aside, he notices some tension between Jamie and his other crew members.

After a heated confrontation between Benny and Jamie, the bosun has had it up with his coworker. When he's called to the main deck aft to talk with Jason, he starts by calling him an "intimidator." But when Jason points out that the word intimidation can also be used to describe his actions, Benny decides to speak up for himself instead. He asks for another meeting with the captain to discuss his situation.


Ryan McKeown - The Villain on Below Deck Down Under

If you’ve been watching Bravo’s hit spin-off Below Deck Down Under, you might have seen chef Ryan McKeown labelled as the show’s villain. He had a tough time impressing viewers and tussled with chief stewardess Aesha Scott.

In a recent episode of Below Deck Down Under, chef Ryan lost his cool in the galley. This resulted in him getting fired by captain Jason Chambers.

1. He’s a loser

Ryan McKeown is a disgruntled Below Deck Down Under chef who has a history of causing chaos on the show. He has been branded a “f***ing loser” by many viewers and is prone to losing control in public.

On the latest episode of Below Deck Down Under, viewers watched as Captain Jason Chambers threatened to replace his Below Deck Down Under chef after he got into an argument with him in the galley. He was frustrated with Ryan’s cooking, which left charter guests hungrier than ever.

The boss hoped that the chef would change his ways, but Ryan never did. He often ignored his charter guests’ requests, and he made them less than satisfied.

After the captain threatened to fire him, Ryan decided that he wanted to do things his way, which is why he refused to listen to any constructive criticism. After that, Ryan lost his job.

It was a sad moment for Below Deck Down Under fans. However, it was only for a short time.

In the meantime, Captain Jason Chambers had to take care of business without Ryan. He also had to worry about his crew members who were causing trouble aboard the yacht.

Bosun Jamie Sayed had tension with his fellow crew members, especially Benny Crawley. He didn’t think that it was fair to keep his fellow deckhand on the boat if they created problems in the workplace.

Stew Magda Ziomek also had to face some drama with her coworkers. She had a hard time understanding her role on the yacht and would constantly be on her phone. She racked up the yachts data plan, which prevented her from being focused on her work.

2. He’s a jerk

On a luxury yacht, every crew member plays a critical role. The captain, stewardess, and chef are just a few of the people who work together to ensure that guests have an amazing time while on board.

When it comes to chefs, they’re responsible for preparing and serving meals. This means that they need to be talented and creative. They also need to be able to handle pressure.

While some chefs on Below Deck Down Under have made fans love them, others like chef Ryan McKeown were hated by viewers for his poor cooking skills and arrogance. In fact, Ryan was labelled as a villain by many fans on the show.

In addition to his bad food, he also left the galley in a very dirty state. He said that he was going to get it cleaned up after the third charter, but that didn’t happen.

During a recent episode of Below Deck Down Under, Captain Jason Chambers fired Chef Ryan after he failed to impress the guests on each charter. The captain blamed his poor personality for his lack of ambition.

A lot of viewers weren’t pleased with the way that Captain Jason handled this situation. Some argued that it was unnecessary to fire him because he had two replacements on board who were more qualified than Ryan.

Some also felt that the captain should have let the replacements take over his duties. While it was a hard decision for Jason, he did the right thing by firing Ryan.

It’s not uncommon for a cast member to have negative personality traits on a reality show. In fact, some of the crew members on Below Deck Down Under were quite unpleasant. Some of the worst offenders included stew Magda Ziomek and chef Ryan McKeown.

3. He’s a snob

A snob is someone who has low standards or doesn’t care about other people. Chef Ryan McKeown is an example of this in his behavior on Below Deck Down Under.

He’s a snob when it comes to the guests on his charters and doesn’t put their needs first in the kitchen. He also doesn’t want to work with Chief Stew Aesha Scott and constantly disagrees with her.

This can lead to a lot of trouble for the crew. They may be unable to serve the charter guests properly. The guests will be left disappointed and hungry.

In the latest episode of Below Deck Down Under, Chef Ryan is caught losing his temper in the galley. He doesn’t like the feedback from Captain Jason and ignores his responsibilities. This is the reason why he might lose his job on the boat.

When the Captain goes to have a talk with him, Ryan gets upset and leaves. This can cause a lot of trouble for the crew and could cost them their jobs.

The captain then calls the stewardess to come and talk with him. When she arrives, she realizes that Ryan isn’t happy with her suggestions.

She also doesn’t like the way he treats her. The stewardess tries to get him to calm down, but he doesn’t listen to her.

In addition to being a snob, Ryan is also rude to the other crew members. He is extremely disgruntled with them and he always seems to be the one causing trouble.

He has a very negative outlook on the yachting industry and doesn’t have a very positive attitude towards his co-workers. He often argues with them and doesn’t take their criticism seriously.

4. He’s a liar

Chef Ryan McKeown was a problem on Below Deck Down Under and he eventually got fired from the show. The chef had a hard time keeping guests happy with his food, and he also argued with stewardess Aesha Scott. He was also a thorn in Captain Jason Chambers’ side.

A chef is an important part of any luxury charter yacht, and they must be able to cook for a variety of guests. It’s up to them to deliver quality meals that will keep everyone happy and satisfied.

In June 2022, Below Deck Down Under fans got to watch one of the most memorable exits in the series’ history when Captain Jason Chambers fired chef Ryan McKeown. He was let go after he didn’t meet his boss’s high standards for cooking.

The crew member was sacked after he started to lose his cool in the galley, and even though it was an offscreen incident, it still caused a lot of tension. The chefs and stewards onboard the Thalassa super yacht had a hard time working with Ryan and his team, as he often complained about his job and tussled with them on social media.

It was only a matter of time before they finally got a new chef. After a few episodes, the captain found out that Ryan was no longer happy with his job and decided to replace him.

On this episode of Below Deck Down Under, he finally gets the boot after he loses his temper in the galley and yells at his crew members. He refuses to take constructive criticism well, and when Jason tries to give him some advice, he retaliates.

The crew is on edge, but the next day they are all determined to turn things around. Culver takes his break before Benny, and the morning breakfast goes well. But the night shift isn’t quite as smooth, with Taylor claiming she pulled a Malia White on her previous boat, kissing more than one of her co-workers in the same season.

5. He’s a thief

Below Deck is a reality show about mega-yacht crew members. It debuted on Peacock in March 2022, and the show has stayed true to its formula — rife with drama — ever since.

The show features the cast cruising around the Whitsunday Islands in Australia, where they have to balance their careers with their families. They have to be flexible and nimble, and they have to cater to the guests’ needs and wants.

This season, viewers have witnessed a lot of ups and downs between the cast members on the M/Y Thalassa. One such upheaval involved bosun Jamie Sayed and deckhand Benny Crawley, who have had a tense relationship for the past several months.

But it looks like their differences have come to an end. The Daily Mail reports that the two have decided to part ways, and they’ve even gotten into an argument over their shared love of cats.

Meanwhile, the show’s latest episode also sees Captain Jason Chambers sacking chef Ryan McKeown after he was criticized for his meals. He tussled with the chief stewardess Aesha Scott and talked back to his boss when she tried to offer words of advice, leading to the captain seeking out a replacement for the galley.

However, before he left the yacht, McKeown was forced to confront the villain label he was given by viewers.

He admitted that he was not proud of his actions, and said that he never wanted to be on the show in the first place. He also said that he was only there to learn and grow.

But it’s safe to say that his time on Below Deck Down Under wasn’t quite as smooth as Magda Ziomek’s. In fact, the Polish model had a difficult time getting her head around her job for the duration of the charter. She was always distracted by her phone and sucked up all of the attention from her fellow crew members.

Below Deck Down Under Spoilers - Aesha Scott Gets Fired From the Thalassa


Below Deck Down Under alum Aesha Scott has returned to Bravo's popular spinoff and is in the hot seat aboard the Thalassa. Amid some yachtie drama, she recently fired one of her crew members.

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Hannah Ferrier came to her former costar's defense. Asa Hawks is a journalist who always brings some juicy backstories to reality TV cast members.

Ryan McKeown Butts Heads With Aesha Scott

The latest episode of below+deck+down+under+spoilers features an epic battle between chef Ryan McKeown and chief stew Aesha Scott. Viewers aren’t too impressed by Ryan’s behavior, but the chief stew deserves credit for her ability to defuse his snarky attitude.

The first chief stew on the show, Aesha Scott is known for her bubbly, loveable personality and her hardworking mentality. She embraces her staff as friends and knows when it’s time to stand up for herself.

She’s also not afraid to take a shot at the chefs in the galley, especially when it comes to reworking recipes. That said, her most recent interaction with chef Ryan McKeown — which we’re assuming will play out during a crew night out in the next episode – was the most notable one of the season.

It’s no secret that Aesha has been having issues with her head chef since the first episode of below+deck+down+under+spoilers. During the most recent episode, she was verbally assaulted by Ryan in the galley.

However, she was able to turn things around and even win the chef’s respect. Not to mention, she got her fair share of props from social media users.

The big question is, will Aesha be able to get over her head chef and save the ship? The latest Below Deck Down Under episodes air Thursdays on Peacock. Watch the trailer to find out if she can pull it off!

Ryan Gets Fired

The Below Deck crew is always on the lookout for people who are getting fired. Whether it’s for having too many drinks, hard-partying, or smoking, there’s always a chance that someone on the boat will be let go.

The season 6 episode “Down Under” aired on Thursday, March 30, 2018. During that episode, chef Ryan McKeown was caught butting heads with his boss, chief stew Aesha Scott.

Aesha tries to get Ryan to understand that she’s there for him, and that she’s doing her job to help the crew. However, Ryan continues to show his egotistical nature. He also starts to butt heads with the captain over the fact that he didn’t cook the fresh seafood that they caught earlier that day.

He also gets in a fight with Dwight K. Schrute, a coworker at the Scranton branch. In “Initiation”, Dwight takes Ryan on a series of tests to prove his sales skills, but this turns out to be useless.

Later in the season, he launches a new website for Dunder Mifflin. This causes a lot of problems, including child predators and a slow sale rate. As a result, he loses his confidence and becomes more agitated.

In addition, he starts dressing in an increasingly unkempt manner. This is exacerbated by the fact that he feels threatened by Jim Halpert’s good relationship with David Wallace.

Ultimately, Ryan is arrested for misleading the company’s shareholders. This leads to his downfall and he is eventually escorted out of the Dunder Mifflin office.

One of the main reasons that Ryan gets fired is because of his ego. He believes that he’s the best employee at the company, and he thinks that his ideas are better than anyone else’s.

As a result, he starts to act like a braggart despite his lack of sales skills. This becomes worse after he’s promoted to the corporate office in New York.

In the end, he gets arrested and is forced to complete community service. In addition, he is reprimanded severely by Kelly in front of Deangelo. She then exposes him as a fraud.

Aesha Gets Fired

Aesha Scott, who made her Bravo debut as the second stew on Below Deck Down Under, isn't afraid to share her opinions. The plucky New Zealander has been on the show since season one and is a fan favorite.

After making the jump from second stew to Chief Stew on Below Deck Down Under, she faced a few challenges. Her crew was new and she had to learn the ropes of running a yacht. In addition, she had to cope with a hostile chef and unpredictable charter guests.

The first step was making friends with her fellow crewmembers. She became close to Bugsy Drake, but she had a hard time bonding with Malia and Tom. She also clashed with Jess More, who thought she was a snob.

But she was able to overcome that and turn it around when she met Hannah Ferrier. The two women became close on the Sirocco during season four of Below Deck Mediterranean and remained close.

It's a friendship that Aesha admits she's never forgotten. She got candid about what happened to her friend during a recent interview with Decider.

She said she was "really upset" about her friend getting fired, but that she had a lot of love for her. She even went to bat for her during a podcast.

Despite her grief, she still wanted to come back for another season, though she said she was not happy that she'd be without her friend. She says she tried to get as much information as she could about what happened and why, but that her crew wasn't willing to tell her.

Her sour attitude didn't help her get along with the rest of the crew either. She reportedly complained about her jobs and fought with her co-workers.

But after a series of events, she finally was let go. She wasn't a bad person, but she just didn't cut it. She didn't know how to do her job and was a major distraction to the crew. Her erratic behavior was a big reason why she wasn't hired on again.

Tumi Gets Fired

When Below Deck Down Under first hit Bravo's streaming waves in Season 1, it was an instant hit with hunky Captain Jason Chambers and Below Deck Mediterranean alum Aesha Scott as the stars of the spin-off. But with Below Deck Down Under nearing its end, fans are wondering whether it will be returning for a second season or if it's finally time to call it quits.

While it's hard to predict what might happen next on Below Deck Down Under, one thing is certain: Some cast members will be let go. On the latest episode of Below Deck Down Under, Captain Jason Chambers made the decision to fire third stew Magda Ziomek and chef Ryan McKeown.

The Thalassa crew has struggled to maintain their professionalism, and the captain is not happy with how things are going. He wants to put an end to the bad vibes and has decided that he's going to have to cut one of his crew members.

Before he can make his final decision, he calls in the help of Aesha Scott. Aesha explains that she and Tumi Mhlongo have been working with Magda since the beginning of the charter season and have noticed a number of problems with her.

For starters, she's constantly texting her boyfriend back home while on the job. It's not the most professional of habits, and she can't keep her focus on her job if she's communicating with her offscreen boyfriend all day long.

As Aesha considers firing her third stew, she's forced to confront her own issues with long-distance relationships. As a result, she tries to explain how it can be hard to stay in touch when your significant other is thousands of miles away.

But Aesha quickly realizes that she's making a mistake. She doesn't want to risk the Thalassa team's reputation if she decides to give Magda the boot.

Luckily, Tumi is there to help her and they discuss the situation. Ultimately, Aesha decides to let Magda go because she feels she's distracting from her job and she's not focusing on her relationship with Maciek.

Taylor Dennison and Benny Ziomek Exit From Below Deck


If you are interested in what happened to Taylor Dennison and Benny Ziomek, then you've come to the right place. We've got all of the facts about their exits from the show. It's time for you to find out if they were right for the show and if they weren't, who would have been.

Aesha Scott

Aesha Scott has become one of the most popular stars of the Below Deck franchise. She was originally featured on the Mediterranean seasons, before she joined the new spinoff series, Below Deck Down Under. The yachting reality show follows a new crew in Australia.

Fans of Below Deck: Mediterranean had a chance to see Aesha on season five, where she was the Chief Stewardess. After the season ended, Aesha moved to New Zealand, where she's still working on renewing chartering licenses.

Fans of Below Deck Down Under were smitten with Aesha's bubbly personality. She's an avid social media enthusiast and fans have enjoyed getting behind-the-scenes looks at the crew's adventures.

Aesha Scott was born in New Zealand and worked in the yachting industry since she was 18. Aesha has been featured on a number of television shows, including Below Deck: Mediterranean and Below Deck: Down Under.

In season five of Below Deck Mediterranean, Aesha was a beloved star, and she even received a promotion as chief stew. As the season progressed, Aesha struggled with her relationship with the chef, Ryan McKeown.

When Aesha's relationships with Magda and Ryan began to go sour, she questioned her future in the yachting world. Although she never explicitly addressed her relationship with Ferrier, she was fired from the crew for breaching maritime law.

Magda Ziomek

Magda Ziomek is a Polish model turned yacht crew member. She's the star of Below Deck Down Under, the reality TV show that follows the lives of a crew on a luxurious yacht sailing the Great Barrier Reef.

Several members of the crew have come under scrutiny for their comments and interactions with each other. This includes new Third Stew Taylor Dennison, who has a boyfriend. Despite her burgeoning love life, she still puts her job first.

The third stew is joined by two other crew members whose resumes are impressive. South African Second Stew Tumi Mhlongo has extensive experience in the interior of a yacht. He faces some conflicts with bosun Jamie Sayed.

Magda's most memorable moment came when she made a comment that got a lot of attention. Her response gained more than twelve thousand likes and more than fourteen million views.

However, this is not the only noteworthy moment in the show's second half. In fact, Below Deck Down Under has continued to deliver in the second half of its debut season.

One crew member has been let go and another has been welcomed. On the flip side, the crew has been challenged to make better decisions when it comes to safety and service. Meanwhile, the crew has taken their first trip to the Great Barrier Reef and has hosted a prom night for the charter guests.

Ryan Ziomek

The Below Deck Down Under yacht has had some ups and downs throughout the first season. Some of the crew members have been let go, and others have been added.

First off, Jamie Sayed, the stubborn bosun of the M/Y Thalassa, had a bit of a rough go. He was not happy with the decision to keep his deckhand, Benny Crawley, despite the fact that he was not the best performer on the boat.

Second off, there have been some interesting crew additions. Chef Nate Post and Taylor Dennison are the latest to join the ranks. These two men have been on a number of TV shows and have a wealth of experience in the yachting world.

While these newcomers have made some waves, there are still questions about how they'll fit in with the rest of the crew. For one, it's not yet known if they have any sort of relationship.

Also, it seems like the crew of the Thalassa is having trouble keeping up with the demands of the charter guests. With all of the attention being on the charter guests, it can be hard to keep the rest of the crew motivated on deck.

Jamie Ziomek

Below Deck Down Under is one of two spinoffs of Below Deck. This new series is set against the backdrop of the tropical Whitsunday Islands. It stars the crew of M/Y Thalassa including Captain Jason Chambers, Chef Ryan McKeown, and Bosun Jamie Sayed.

The show has already had some drama and rumors about who will be let go. In fact, one of the new arrivals has already made a name for himself. And it turns out the guy with a private Instagram account is none other than James Taylor.

Before Below Deck Down Under started streaming, the cast had never even filmed a television show together. They all were new to the industry. But that did not stop them from getting to know each other during the first season.

Some of the new arrivals will certainly make viewers curious to learn more about them. For instance, Taylor Dennison will be replacing Magda Ziomek as the third stew on the superyacht.

Aesha Scott will be returning as the chief stew. She will be dealing with a lot of scandal and gossip surrounding her previous employer and third stew. Meanwhile, the crew gets in hot water with the captain.

Benny Ziomek

Below Deck Down Under is a reality show that follows the lives of socially elite 20-somethings in London and the Whitsunday Islands. The crew includes Jason Chambers, Ryan McKeown, Brittini Burton, and Aesha Scott.

Benny Crawley is a deckhand who joined Below Deck Down Under. He was a friend of chef Ryan McKeown. However, he didn't like the boss' arrogant attitude.

As Benny's boss, Jamie Sayed, has tried to hold the crew in check, Benny has continued to undermine her authority. After his cabin toilet overflowed, Benny threatened to leave the boat. Fortunately, the captain helped calm him down.

Benny's new job as a DJ helped him earn the crew a huge tip. However, he didn't like Jamie's flippant attitude towards safety issues. Moreover, he refused to wear a disco ball helmet.

Chef Ryan is also a problem, as he and Aesha Scott haven't been communicating. In fact, Ryan has insisted on serving fish to the crew.

Jamie and Benny had an awkward relationship during season 1. However, things have improved since filming ended. According to Jamie, they are now "friends."

Benny also showed improvement in the way he works. He is now more aware of the importance of his position. Instead of complaining about the safety of the crew, he is now waking up early to clean the deck.

Tumi Ziomek

Below Deck Down Under season 1 started on March 17 on Peacock. It is a spinoff of the original Below Deck. The show takes viewers to the tropical Whitsunday Islands and the Great Barrier Reef. In addition to the crew, it also highlights the complex dynamics of charter guests.

BELOW DECK Down Under features Tumi Mhlongo and Magda Ziomek. These two are co-workers who trade off on dinner service, wild night outs, and cleaning cabins. They are also interested in interior design.

Taylor Dennison is a new third stew on the yacht. She is from Queenstown, New Zealand, and comes with a five-year background in yachting. Before joining Below Deck, she worked on docks in France and Italy. Aesha Scott is also returning as the Chief Stew on the new season.

On the M/Y Thalassa, the captain is Jason Chambers. He is the youngest Below Deck leader at the helm. Jamie Sayed is the bosun. Ryan McKeown is the chef. Benny Crawley is the first mate. Despite the presence of these new crewmembers, the yacht remains calm.

Another crew member who was fired in episode 14 was Magda Ziomek. Magda is a professional model. While her peers have experience in the yachting industry, she is still green. Often she is distracted by her boyfriend in Poland.

Taylor Dennison

In the Below Deck: Down Under series, we are following the crew of Thalassa, a 57-meter superyacht. The boat is based in the Whitsunday Islands, Australia and hosts charters for guests.

The yacht's captain, Jason Chambers, calls in Taylor Dennison to fill in as third steward for the second-to-last charter of the season. He also hires Nate Post as chef. Chef Nate is from Wagga Wagga in New South Wales.

While Taylor has not worked in the yachting industry for a long time, she has plenty of experience in the industry. She was previously a Head of Service on the M/Y Ulysses. Her job on that boat was to oversee the deck team.

Aesha Scott and Brittini Burton also join the yacht's interior crew. They were happy to have Taylor on board. However, they were not happy to see her in the hot tub with Taylor's brother.

Taylor Dennison was a surprise addition to the Below Deck Down Under team. She was initially called in by Captain Jason Chambers to fill in for Magda Ziomek on the second-to-last charter of the series. Initially, she was surprised by the support of everyone on the production team. But when she got to work, she quickly learned that she was in for a whirlwind of adrenaline.

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Hello Kitty Malto 8.0 Skateboard

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Below Deck Down Under Star Karim Gharbi

When Karim was invited to a private yacht, he had no idea what to expect. Despite his status as a leading figure in the Cryptocurrency industry, he was unfamiliar with fine dining. He had no idea if his cabin would be the smallest room he had ever slept in, or how he would get his coffee every morning. But, regardless of the accommodations, he was still excited to embark on this journey.

Cryptocurrency influencer's aversion to fine dining

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It's no secret that some influencers are better at getting their hands on the glitzy prizes than others. For example, one crypto evangelist, who goes by the aptly named Bitboy, has worked with a number of direct scams. He has also been in the know about a plethora of hyped up and marketed products, which are best avoided at all costs. Similarly, celebrities like aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned Ben Armstrong have been known to have paid promotional schemes in the works, a la the Save the Kids crypto token (SKT) and its ilk.

His cabin was the smallest room he's ever been to

Karim Gharbi, the star of Channel 10's "Crazy Rich Asians," was on a superyacht with his friend Eunice Wong. He complained about the decor on the ship, which wasn't up to his standards. The next day, he rented a cabin in the woods.

As the story unfolds, Karim finds a coffin-sized tunnel in the attic of the Nob House. There, he meets Dr. Marlow Rhodes, who reveals some secret information to him.

Eventually, Karim tracks Nina to the clinic. She's still alive, and her life is in danger. Despite their differences, Karim and Prairie agree to work together to solve the puzzle. They're going to need to use Nina's keypad.

In the end, Prairie has no choice but to tell Karim about the mysterious "OA" she's been receiving. Prairie also learns that she doesn't have a brother. This makes Hap's plan for her to drown in the lake less appealing.

Meanwhile, Homer is checking up on Rachel. He's growing suspicious of Hap. At the same time, he's on a side quest. With Rachel's death, Hap pays him a house call.

Ultimately, Karim is able to escape the OA. However, he must find Michelle. And he's only halfway through the house. It's still not clear why he wants to see her.

Karim is also frustrated with the size of his cabin. While it's not much bigger than a twin bed, it's still much smaller than his own bedroom. Plus, he has to crawl through the vents in order to get there.

Ultimately, he ends up at a sleep clinic run by a company called CURI. There, he meets a participant in a sleep study. After revealing his identity, the man explains what's happening. His story is even more bizarre.

But, by the end of the episode, it appears that the mysterious "OA" is the source of his troubles. If he's a "brother" of Old Night, he may have come to help her. Also, Karim is not the only one who's looking for Michelle.

Sadly, this story doesn't end with a happy ending.

Chef Ryan McKeown failed to live up to Captain Jason Chambers' standards

When Below Deck Down Under kicked off on Peacock last month, it was packed with drama. It's easy to see why, as Captain Jason Chambers has had a rough time with Chef Ryan McKeown. They weren't getting along and McKeown was struggling to impress the crew. He was also arguing with his chief stewess, Aesha Scott.

When the season ended, it looked as though things were going to get better, but they were not. Captain Jason Chambers had hoped that things would go in a different direction with Ryan, but he found out that McKeown didn't listen to his advice.

On the newest episode of Below Deck Down Under, it looks like it could be a whole different story for Chef Ryan McKeown. As the charter season gets underway, it appears that McKeown is in no mood to clean the galley. Instead, he is preparing crudo. Meanwhile, second steward Tumi Mhlongo is intrigued by McKeown. However, he feels that the chef isn't healed. And he wants to change things.

This new charter season on Below Deck Down Under is definitely going to be more chaotic than last year's. As the show concludes, it appears that Ryan McKeown will be fired by Captain Jason Chambers. But he'll have another chance on Peacock next week.

Below Deck Down Under is a Bravo original and it will air Tuesdays at 9/8c. You can catch it on Peacock or on the Bravo app. Also, below is a trailer for season 1. Remember to keep checking back for new episodes on Thursdays. Enjoy! From the trailer, it seems like Chef Ryan McKeown and the rest of the team are having a rough time on Below Deck Down Under! Hopefully, everything will end up in a good way for them. Good luck! The Peacock spin-off will return in spring! I'll keep you posted on any updates! Thanks for reading! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter! Until then, happy cooking! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment! I'll answer them!

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