Taco bamba order online

Taco bamba order online

Taco bamba

Timothy's Bean's was a very small taco stand. It had a small menu with three different types of tacos. It was a little off the beaten path and out of the way. It was a modest stand, recognizable for its red and white paint and bright neon sign.


With six units in Northern Virginia, D.C. and Maryland, the seventh Taco Bamba location is scheduled to open in 2022.

Since the first takeout-only unit opened in a Falls Church, Va., strip mall, Taco Bamba added more dine-in and bars, becoming known for menus tailored to specific neighborhoods and a lively, high-energy atmosphere with a counter-service format. The strength of its to-go offerings, however, positioned the brand well to survive the pandemic and the changed consumer.

“We weren’t looking for an investment partner, however when we met IMC we knew they were the right partner to help us bring our brand to other markets, “said Albisu, in a statement. “Taco Bamba creates memorable experiences by offering unique menu items and generous portion sizes, and it all centers on people, that’s how we build connections between our staff and our guests. The leadership at IMC has decades of hospitality and brand expansion experience, and more importantly they are a people-first organization. That’s why we think they are the right partner for Taco Bamba.”Stuart Frantz, IMC president and CEO, said in a statement, “I have a vivid memory of the first time I walked into a Taco Bamba. The food, music and aroma created an electric atmosphere. There was a palpable energy everywhere from the Taco Bamba team to the guests. It’s no wonder they have such a loyal following.”

When asked if Taco Bamba’s growth would come through franchising, Edgerly said, “It would be quite a ways down the road and if the leadership team there decided that was appropriate. We don’t come in with a playbook.”

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