Shrimp Creoles

Shrimp Creoles

Easy Shrimp Creole Recip

Bring the heart of Louisiana right to your own kitchen with this easy Shrimp Creole recipe that takes just 30 minutes to make, all in one pot! It’s healthy and packed with flavor from the perfectly cooked shrimp in spicy creole sauce. 

Purchasing Shrimp (know Before You Go!):

The most authentic shrimp creole would be served with Gulf shrimp, but since most of us don’t have access to wild-caught, fresh shrimp from the Gulf Coast, we have to purchase ours at the grocery store. While you can buy shrimp in all varieties (large, medium, small, shell on/off, tail on/off, fresh, frozen, etc.), we recommend buying large, tail-on, un-cooked shrimp for shrimp creole. Once thawed you can remove the shells before cooking in the creole sauce. (Source: tastesbetterfromscratch.com)

)Make AheTo make ahead: The sauce is almost better made ahead of time to allow the flavors to blend. To make ahead, prepare the sauce as instructed but don’t add the shrimp. Refrigerate for 1-2 days and return to pan to simmer before adding shrimp.

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You can bring the heart of Louisiana right to your own kitchen with this easy Shrimp Creole recipe that takes just 30 minutes to make, all in one pot! 

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Sorry..I usually love all of your recipes but was not impressed with this one. It really had no flavor other than a strong tomato flavor…Maybe I’d try it again with a few tweaks in the future but really not my favorite. (Source: www.skinnytaste.com)

Easy Shrimp Creole

Easy Shrimp Creole is a spicy, chunky tomato and green pepper mixture that coats tender shrimp to make a hearty family meal done right! This classic meal only has one pot and mixes all the ingredients quickly and easily. Your family will be jazzing during dinner with this classic southern meal! 

How Long Do You Cook the Shrimp?

When the shrimp are no longer Pink in color and is taking on more of an opaque white color, is when I would consider them done. You do want to keep an eye on how white they do get and assure they do not overcook. Keeping an eye on size reduction in the shrimp as well is a great way to watch how “done” your shrimp are getting. I like to leave the tails on the shrimp when cooking them. It does add extra flavor; however, if you prefer to peel the whole shrimp or purchase them that way, that is fine too. (Source: therecipecritic.com)

What Is Good to Serve With Creole Shrimp?

therecipecritic.com)We love to serve this Shrimp Creole with white rice. You can enjoy it with mashed potatoes or a pasta, such as angel hair, if you are looking for something other than rice. It is best garnished with parsley and/or green onions. Lemon also adds a great sweetness and flavor to the overall dish. (Source:



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