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Ron Weasley

Ron Weasley is one of the main protagonists in J.K. Rowling's magical Harry Potter series. He's also the longest-serving member of the Weasley family. Pottermore's Harry Potter website lists Ron's date of birth, Cornelius Fudge's date of birth, Harry's date of birth, Hermione's date of birth, and Lupin's date of birth as April 29th, 1980.


Many fans feared the possible death of Ronald Weasley, yet in 2000, Rowling seemed dismissive of these fears, stating "As if I'm going to kill Harry's best friend." Rowling described Ron's Patronus as a "really sentimental choice" on her part, since she has a Jack Russell.

Ron is inspired by Rowling's best friend Sean Harris (to whom Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets is dedicated), but she has clearly stated that she "never set out to describe Sean in Ron, but Ron has a Sean-ish turn of phrase." (Source: en.wikipedia.org) en.wikipedia.org)Like Harris is to Rowling, Ron is "always there" when Harry needs him. Ron fits many of the stereotypes expected of the sidekick; he is often used as comic relief, is loyal to the hero, and lacks much of the talent Harry possesses, at least, early on, in terms of magical power. However, he proves his bravery and magical ability several times, such as by playing 'real wizard's chess' in the first book, entering into the Forbidden Forest with Harry during the second book despite his arachnophobia, producing a full-corpreal Patronus Charm in the fifth book and even, in the seventh book, getting basilisk fangs from the Chamber of Secrets by mimicking Parseltongue without understanding it.


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