Restaurants that cook in front of you

Restaurants that cook in front of you

Top 10 Amazing Restaurants Where They Cook In Front Of You: #3 Is The Best

If you're right down to have an unforgettable dining experience, then I suggest you rummage around for a hibachi grill restaurant where they cook ahead of you.

If hibachi grilling may be a new term for you, it is a Japanese cooking/dining experience where you'll get to pick your food, and a chef will cook it right before your eyes.

Hibachi restaurants are very entertaining, especially when the chef shows many impressive party tricks. So if you wish to undertake somewhere new, then please take a gander on this list of fantastic hibachi restaurants that I'll show you.

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What To Expect From Hibachi Grilling Restaurants


If you have got decided to travel to a hibachi grilling restaurant where they cook food ahead of you, then you want to inure the somewhat over-stimulating environment that the restaurant has.

Like what i've got mentioned before, a hibachi grilling restaurant tends to be very entertaining, which suggests you must expect plenty of noise coming from highly amused guests.

You might even become a loud guest yourself. But if you are a silent variety of person, then don't fret, cause some hibachi grilling restaurants offer a more relaxed vibe where the most goal is to create diners feel as if a personal chef was serving them in a very luxurious room.

Another thing you must expect from a hibachi grilling restaurant is that the great taste of fresh produce. Since hibachi restaurants are often Japanese, most use fresh ingredients for his or her dishes. Some hibachi grilling restaurants even get their ingredients delivered all the way from Japan.

However, since there isn't any such thing as perfect, there's one thing I dislike about hibachi grilling restaurants, the heat.

japanese cuisine

Since hibachi grilling restaurants usually use open faced grills, you will find yourself being engulfed during a rather huge puff of smoke, otherwise you might just get sweaty from the warmth coming from the stove that's directly before of you.

Hibachi Restaurants You Should Try

1. Benihana

If you've got done your research or asked around for hibachi restaurant recommendations, then I'm sure you need to have stumbled upon the name Benihana.

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Benihana is one among the primary hibachi restaurants ever to line foot within the U.S., so if you're planning on having a hibachi dining experience soon, this one is worth testing.

Going to Benihana will indulge you in a very fun and entertaining environment as their chef tries to impress you with superb cooking skills which will be shown directly before of you while they cook your food in a very large teppanyaki grill at the middle of your table.

However, you want to observe that Benihana isn't one in every of the high-end hibachi joints that produces the best quality of food. Nonetheless, their presentation is de facto something worth watching.


2. Don's Bogam BBQ & Wine Bar

If you're searching for another Asian Hibachi restaurant that's not Japanese, then you will want to undertake Don's Bogam BBQ & bar.

Unlike sushi and sashimi serving Japanese hibachi restaurants, Don's Bogam BBQ & bar could be a Korean hibachi restaurant that serves delicious Korean beef. Their menu features sumptuous side of pork and even a lobster.

However, Don's Bogam BBQ & bar might not be for you if you are looking for an active ambiance. This hibachi grilling restaurant poses a rather stylish but cozy dining room with a warm brown and grey colour scheme that will just cause you to want you're at a high-end dining room.

3. Aburiya Kinnosuke


If you wish smokey tasting food, then Aburiya Kinnosuke is that the restaurant for you. Unlike other hibachi restaurants that use an electrical stove or grill, Aburiya Kinnosuke chefs cook your food with a charcoal grill.

Another impressing thing about Aburyiya Kinnosuke is that they use fresh ingredients that are delivered from round the world. If you wish to taste a good piece of meat, then you must try their well-known Washu-grade beef.

If you are not into beef and want having some seafood, then you'll try their tuna collar dish which will surely cause you to feel the authentic Japanese dining experience that this hibachi grilling restaurant must offer.

4. Gyu-Kaku


Via gyu-kaku.com

You may have noticed that the majority hibachi grilling restaurants have professional chefs that may entertain you as they cook your food, which may be a dismay if you'd prefer to have a more interactive dining experience.

But don't lose your hope just yet, because there are hibachi restaurants where you'll be allowed to cook before your guests.

Gyu-Kaku could be a Japanese restaurant where diners can cook their own food on a charcoal grill. you'll easily have a Gyu-Kaku dining experience since it's an extended chain of restaurants spread across the U.S.

But despite being a series restaurant, the ambiance of the place will cause you to feel as if you're in an exceedingly high-quality Asian restaurant. What's more is that the ingredients they use for his or her dishes are all fresh, especially the meat for the filet and seafood like lobster and seabass.

5. Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar



The Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse and bar is that the perfect hibachi grilling restaurant for the family. they'll have you ever seated in communal tables where you'll view the entertaining performance of their professional chefs.


You will be ready to get the same old sushi and sashimi that you simply can expect from any decent Japanese restaurant, together with other varieties of meat that are perfect for grilling.


The Arirang Hibachi Steakhouse and bar is additionally an excellent place for taking exotic drinks, but take care to stay them off from the youngsters if you intend on taking your family with you.

6. Nikko




Another hibachi restaurant that's great for family or group celebrations is Nikko. This hibachi grilling restaurant is absolute to put an amazed smile on your face with its professional chefs that are known to administer their diners a awfully entertaining show.


However, if you're trying to find gourmet cuisine, then this might not be the place for you. Nikko serves fun cuisine that's removed from gourmet cuisine. Nikko's menu consists of cheap and affordable meals that are ok for his or her price.


What's more is that their staff is extremely attentive and helpful. If you would like to undertake a hibachi restaurant that's low cost, but will give off an excellent show, then Nikko could be the proper choice for you.

7. Flame



One hibachi restaurant that's known for his or her unique and impressive food presentation is Flame. This restaurant will provide you with the right ambiance as you enjoy your hibachi dining experience.


However, if you intend on eating lots, then Flame's small plate dishes might not be enough to create you full. But despite the little portions, their food certainly tastes pretty much as good because it looks, especially their steak, pork stir fried dumplings, and oink oink dish.

8. Okinii


Japanese seafood possesses to be one in all the most effective tasting foods within the world. Unfortunately, good tasting seafood usually comes at a hefty price. Luckily for you, a hibachi restaurant called Okinii serves amazing seafood dishes for fewer than $20 USD.

If you prefer salmon tempura rolls, or shrimp and mango rolls, then this is often the proper restaurant for you. Okinii may be the proper restaurant for you if you're during a little bit of a rush since their attentive staff is extremely quick when it involves serving food.

9. New York Sushi Ko


Via newyorksushiko.com

New York Sushi Ko has been close up for months, but the restaurant has made its comeback, and it now provides one amongst the most effective tasting food that a hibachi restaurant has got to offer.

What's great about big apple Sushi Ko is that they specifically get their ingredients delivered fresh from the famous Japanese fish markets, Tsujiki and Fukuoka.

If you are attempting and dine here, you may surely feel the authentic taste of Japanese cuisine. However, you must observe that photography and itinerant use are highly prohibited during this restaurant.

10. Amura Japanese Cuisine



Via amurasushi.com

If you're searching for freshly made sushi, then the Amura Japanese Cuisine hibachi restaurant is that the place to travel. This hibachi restaurant offers quick service and really great tasting Uni (Sea Urchin) sushi.

The restaurant has become well-known for its nigiri sushi due to the fresh ingredients that it's made with. So if you are a fan of nigiri sushi, remember to test this restaurant out.

Choosing A Hibachi Restaurant

As you'll be able to see, there are all types of hibachi restaurants out there. From chain restaurants with affordable prices to luxurious restaurants with ingredients flown from a continent away, you may surely find one that may suit your preferences.

But if there's one thing I'd recommend, it's to save lots of up for the luxurious ones, because good Japanese food that comes at a hefty price is often worthwhile.

If you liked this text and would love to read more similar to it, please leave your feedback within the comment box below. Until next time, enjoy

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