As we’re sure you know, many meals can be made with a few simple ingredients; others may require a bit more effort and time. More and more, as people want to make healthier and more environmentally friendly food choices, the number of recipes they turn to is growing as well. That’s because more and more people now see themselves as cooks, rather than eaters. This means the range of ways cooking can be used has also grown.

Look no further for the ultimate, easy chili recipe. You may think you know how to make chili, but our homemade chili recipe is a gamechanger. With just a push of a button, your weekday dinner is taken care of as the chili cooks away in the slow-cooker. Add chili to your next barbeque to top grilled sausages for an upgraded version of chili dogs. You can easily substitute ground turkey instead of beef for a lighter option and the rest of the ingredients should already be stocked away in your pantry. To top the hot, spicy chili, add shredded Cheddar cheese and corn chips for extra flavor and texture. To go beyond our favorite classic recipe, find more chili recipes here. One of the all-time favorite ways to serve cannoli is by lining the individual tubes with almond cheese, candied fruit, cannoli

How to Turn Mushroom Trimmings Into a Fabulous Thai Stir-Fry – Recipe

Tom Hunt’s pad kra pao: not bad for mushroom trimmings that would usually end up in the food waste bin. Photograph: Tom Hunt/The Guardian

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A great way to save food that would otherwise go to waste is to use it in recipes. What would normally be thrown away can now be used for new, exciting dishes. Be resourceful and try to use any leftovers you might have for something new. Plus, you can spread the joy on social media to show off your culinary skills. Read on for 7 app-made recipes that would be perfect for those leftovers. 1 / 7 Zuppa Toscana recipe via Good Food


A recipe in a cookbook for pancakes with the prepared ingredients (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

1 / 7 Pineapple & Avocado Smoothie recipe via The Skinny Confidential Recipes are an excellent way to save food that's otherwise thrown away

Quick and easy sugar cookies! They are really good, plain or with candies

Looking for healthy recipes using trendy ingredients? View this collection for recipes including avocado chocolate mousse, cauliflower crust, and microwave-baked apples. (Source: www.nutrition.gov)



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