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Pita Jungles

Pita Jungle


They hand-prepare all their delicious pitas with your choice of protein (chicken, beef, falafel) and vegetables (pickles, lettuce, cucumbers, mushrooms, tomatoes, sweet potatoes & more). And they don't forget the fixings! They top pita with tzatziki sauce and a drizzle of their tangy special sauce.

If you didn’t think Pita Jungle could get any better, the Tempe location (4 E. University Drive) now serves healthy and fresh Mexican food through its new ghost kitchen, A Su Salud. Pita Jungle has been a Phoenix area favorite for delicious, guilt-free appetizers, meals and desserts for almost two decades. And now, they’ve created an entirely new takeout menu to try out. (Source: www.phoenixmag.com)


Pita Jungle is a Mediterranean restaurant serving small pita sandwiches made from freshly baked, fluffy, crusty bread with their own sesame-based hot sauce. Pita Jungle offers an incredibly diverse menu including healthy, gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian options for all individuals. They target the young, college crowd, and the restaurant is located in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.

Check out these other ghost kitchens in the Phoenix area to support your local restaurants from a safe distance. (Source: www.phoenixmag.com)

Open New Location


Pita Jungle, a Mediterranean food market with a modern twist, is opening a new location in Dallas’ Intercontinental Hotel in November 2017.

Pita Jungle’s new restaurant covers 3,200 square feet and features a main dining area with a bar and an outdoor patio. (Source: ktar.com)



With their newest opening, the Pita Jungle brand will feature a white-sand beach nestled along the Mediterranean Sea, a spacious indoor and outdoor dining area, and an extensive menu of Mediterranean sandwiches, salads and desserts. They'll be adding more Mediterranean-inspired dishes such as greek-style steak gyros, beef-stuffed grape leaves, and cheese-filled soft pretzels in the near future as well.


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