Otter pops uk

Otter pops uk

Otter pops

Otter Pops, the classic children's snack brand, is being hit with calls for a boycott after walking back a statement of support for the Black Lives Matter movement and reneging on an offer to provide popsicles to protesters in Portland.

Freeze pops are made from sweetened, colored, and flavored water. Ingredients include high fructose corn syrup, juice from concentrate, citric acid, sodium benzoate, and potassium sorbate — two preservatives used to prevent bacterial growth. The nutritional value is scant; each pop contains a couple of grams of sugars and carbohydrates. Artificial flavors and colorings are used to give the pops their distinct fruitiness and bright hue. Flavors vary depending on the brand but some classics are Fla-vor-ice’s strawberry and Otter Pops’ grape. (Source: www.eater.com)

A quick look at their ingredient list shows that Fla-vor-ice and Otter Pops are the exact same product, a colorful mix of water and corn syrup. Even the flavors, though they have different names, are suspiciously similar. (Source: www.eater.com)


Otter Pops makes a wider array of flavors. “[This] is the brand we are putting some of our innovative products behind,” Wegner says. The company sells a set of original flavors (orange, lime, strawberry, blue raspberry, grape, and punch), but also produces a tropical set, and a smaller pack of flavors made with coconut water. Its Beach Breakers edition is comprised of similar flavors to the original line, but with more of a sorbet consistency. Otter Pops also offers a pack made from only fruit juice, with no added corn syrup or artificial flavorings. (Source: www.eater.com)

So the real answer? Well, some would argue freeze pops is the actual name of the treat, while all these other titles are just specific brands. While technically correct, the real answer is there probably isn’t a real answer, much like how people will have wild different names for sandwiches or soda depending on where they grew up. But at the very least, regardless of name, we can all agree that red and blue were the best flavors, right? (Source: www.fatherly.com)

“No colors, no problem,” a description of the fruit juice Otter Pops reads. “These frozen treats deliver the same delicious flavors you’ve come to grow and love, but without any artificial flavors, colors, or high fructose corn syrup included. Oh, and they’re made with 100% Fruit Juice. What’s not to love?” (Source: people.com)

www.bustle.com)Unlike the Original pops, which are made primarily of water and high fructose corn syrup and contain “2% or less” apple and pear juice, 100% Fruit Juice Otter Pops are made primarily of water, apple juice from concentrate, and sugar, containing only 2% or less of ingredients like citric acid, natural flavors, and the preservatives that keep them stable. (Original Otter Pops also contains 2% or less of citric acid, preservatives, and flavoring, but the flavors are both natural and artificial.) And, perhaps most notably, Original Otter Pops use Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, and Blue 1 to create their bright colors, whereas all of these artificial colors and dyes are absent from the 100% Fruit Juice pops. The pops are beige because that’s the color of one of their main ingredients — apple juice. (Source:



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