Old Fashioned Recipe

Old Fashioned Recipe

Old-Fashioned Recip

The old-fashioned is one of the oldest mixed drinks in the cocktail canon. (Original name: whiskey cocktail, which became old-fashioned whiskey cocktail, and then just old-fashioned.) It is a stirred drink, usually built in the glass in which it is served. Both rye and bourbon are suitable base spirits. For the sweetener, purists muddle up a sugar cube with water and a couple of dashes of bitters, but simple syrup works as well. Twists can be orange, lemon or both (known as “rabbit ears”).

A fruited version of the drink came into vogue after Prohibition and involves the muddling of a cherry and orange slice along with the sugar. That version remains widespread, but we advocate the more elemental rendition that took hold in the late 1800s, one that allows the flavors of the whiskey to shine. (Source: cooking.nytimes.com)

Seriously Good Old Fashioned

How to make the Old Fashioned Cocktail at home. With just three main ingredients, it’s simple to make and there are lots of options for adding your own spin. In our recipe below, we share how to make a basic Old Fashioned as well as our favorite ways to change it up. Jump to the Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe (Source: www.inspiredtaste.net)

The New Old Fashioned Cocktail Recip

Who wants a drink? It’s been a long week. Let’s relax with an Old Fashioned, one of the oldest cocktails around. The Old Fashioned is for whiskey lovers, certainly, but it also might convince naysayers to become whiskey cocktail drinkers after all.

Brandy Old-Fashioned Sweet Recipe: How to Make It

The concept of an old-fashioned dates back to the early 1800s and includes whiskey, bitters, cherry juice, sugar and water. This old-fashioned recipe, which is extremely popular in Wisconsin, uses brandy in place of whiskey and lemon-lime soda instead of water for a milder cocktail. —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

How Do You Drink an Old-Fashioned?

Enjoy your old-fashioned on the rocks. If you have an extra-large ice cube tray, use it to make ice for this classic cocktail—big ice cubes help keep your drink from getting watered down. (If you want your old-fashioned extra cold, try these Frozen Brandy Old-Fashioneds.) For something to munch on while you sip, try these Spiced Mixed Nuts. (Source:

What Is an Old Fashioned?

In simple terms, an Old Fashioned is a cocktail made of bourbon, sugar, bitters, orange, and a cherry. But depending on quality and quantity of ingredients, you can get a pretty wide spectrum of flavors. So we did extensive testing to ensure we perfected the recipe. (Source: minimalistbaker.com)




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