Nature's Recipe Wet Dog Food Review

Nature's Recipe Wet Dog Food Review


natures recipe wet dog food

Whether you have a dog, cat, or a horse, you will need to feed it a high-quality food. One such food is Nature's Recipe Wet Dog Food. This is a food that is very easy to prepare and also very affordable. You will find that this food is high in protein and also contains all of the ingredients your dog needs. You will also find that you can choose from a variety of flavors, including beef, lamb, salmon, and duck.


Featuring a chicken broth as the base, this dog food is touted as the best of the best. The tastiest component, however, is the natural ingredients that make it up. As a result, it's one of the more expensive wet dog foods around. It also requires a good scrubbing. But it's not all bad, as it's also one of the more fun and tasty foods your dog will try to ingest.

While the chicken and brown rice based recipe is tasty and nutritious, it's a bit on the heavy side when it comes to calories. The best way to combat that is to mix up your dog's mealtimes. Aside from the high protein content, this type of kibble also boasts ingredients like vitamins and minerals to keep your pooch healthy and happy.

The best part is that this dog food is also relatively easy to clean up. In fact, most of us have to do that job on a regular basis. For instance, it's probably a good idea to give your dog a bath once a week, or every other week, depending on how active your dog is. It's also a good idea to make sure your dog has a good supply of fresh water on hand at all times. With that in mind, it's no wonder Nature's Recipe Chicken & Wild Salmon Recipe in Broth Wet Dog Food has been subject to several dog food recalls since 2011. It's a good idea to do your research before putting your hard earned dollars into your pet's belly.

Brewers yeast

Several dog foods contain brewers yeast. It is a nutrient-rich addition to a dog food's formula that offers a number of potential health benefits. It is a good choice for many dogs. However, brewers yeast is not a good choice for dogs that have allergies to yeast or have a weakened immune system.

Brewers yeast is a by-product of the beer making process. It contains a variety of nutrients, including chromium, zinc, selenium, folic acid, magnesium, and B vitamins. In addition, it can provide support for the digestive system and help protect the skin.

Brewers yeast is usually added to dog food to make it more appealing to dogs. It also adds flavor. It is a natural product and is not considered unsafe. However, brewers yeast can cause stomach upset in large dogs.

The ingredients in Nature's Recipe wet dog food include brewers yeast, ground barley, and lamb. In addition, it contains grain-free carbohydrates and digestible fiber to promote regular digestion. It also contains omega fatty acids to promote energy. It contains vitamins and minerals to support healthy skin and coat.

Brewers yeast can be used as a supplement, but it should be used in a dog food formula that is complete and balanced. It may be useful for dogs that do not have allergies to yeast. However, it can also be harmful to large dogs with a weakened immune system. It can also interfere with the absorption of essential nutrients.

Yeast is naturally found in the digestive tract of dogs. However, it is not found in large enough quantities to make a difference in a dog's diet. It is also a controversial ingredient.

Guar gum

Whether your dog is prone to gum allergies or has a sensitive stomach, you need to be careful about selecting the best dog food. Guar gum is commonly used in wet dog food, but the amount in your dog's food can vary. If you suspect that your dog is ingesting too much gum, contact your vet.

Guar gum is a natural and renewable product that is derived from edible legumes. It is also a good source of fiber. However, it is not without its disadvantages. It can cause digestive upset and bloating in your dog.

Guar gum is used as a thickening agent in wet dog food. It also helps the food remain fresh. It is also beneficial for digestion of amino acids.

Guar gum is used in dog food because of its high fiber content. It has an earthy taste and can preserve the flavor of the food. It is also used to help reduce fat migration. It is a popular ingredient in most dog foods. It is also inexpensive.

Guar gum can cause diarrhea, bloating, and gas. It can also aggravate existing sensitivities. It can also cause stomach pain, lethargy, and digestive tract upset.

Guar gum is not a good choice for your dog. Instead, stick to flavors that do not contain this ingredient. If your dog is on a special diet, you should consult your veterinarian to determine what he recommends.

You should monitor your dog's food intake and his sleep habits. If your dog shows symptoms of digestion problems such as diarrhea, bloating, or lethargy, discontinue the food and seek medical attention. It is also a good idea to switch to a wholesome dog food if your dog is suffering from long-term side effects of poor diet.


Whether you're looking for a high-quality dog food that's designed for your dog's age and life stage, or you just want to give your pet a healthier diet, Nature's Recipe has a food for you. This brand of dog food is formulated with quality ingredients and fortified with essential vitamins, minerals, and glucosamine.

Nature's Recipe makes dry dog food and wet dog food, which are both designed to give your dog the nutrition he needs. You can choose from various varieties of these formulas, depending on your dog's needs and lifestyle. This dog food brand uses high-quality protein sources to keep your dog healthy.

Nature's Recipe(r) Grain Free Chicken & Duck Recipe in Broth Dog Food is a wet dog food that contains highly digestible carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. It's designed for your dog's health and wellness, and the ingredients are all natural. It also meets the AAFCO dog food nutrient profiles.

Nature's Recipe has been making pet food for over 35 years. Founder Jeff Bennet wanted to create a brand that provided dogs with high-quality food. Since then, the company has grown into one of the most respected pet food brands.

Nature's Recipe uses named organ meats and named ingredients in its recipes. The company also includes linoleic acid and glucosamine to keep your dog's skin and coat healthy. The company also takes into account the size of your dog's mouth when creating its recipes.

Nature's Recipe(r) Chicken Recipe in Broth is a grain free wet dog food that features real chicken shreds and a savory broth. The recipe is also made with no corn or soy.

Nature's Recipe(r) Easy-To-Digest Chicken, Rice & Barley Homestyle Canned is a blend of ingredients that contains vitamins, fiber, and more.


Whether you're looking for a dry dog food or wet dog food, you'll find that Nature's Recipe has a product for you. The company produces a variety of dog food that are specially formulated for specific age groups and life stages. They are also safe for dogs with allergies.

Nature's Recipe is one of the most popular dog food brands on the market. They offer a variety of formulas, from beef meal to lamb meal. Each of these formulas have a different calorie content, so the recommended serving size will vary depending on the dog's size and activity level.

Nature's Recipe dog food is also reasonably priced. It contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The company also uses high quality protein sources, such as chicken and lamb. This provides your dog with protein and amino acids, which are important for lean muscles.

Nature's Recipe dog food also provides your dog with a healthy coat and skin. It also contains a lot of fiber. These nutrients are good for a dog's digestive tract.

Nature's Recipe has been around for more than thirty years and continues to produce quality dog food. The company offers a wide range of formulas, including one that is grain free, which is helpful for your dog's tummy.

Nature's Recipe Grain Free Chicken Recipe in Broth is a good choice if you are looking for a wet dog food. It contains high quality ingredients and vitamins. It also provides a great tasting meal.

Nature's Recipe Prime Blends Wet Dog Food is another popular choice. It is also grain free and contains vitamins and bone broth. It's easy to feed and gives your dog a lot of energy. It has more than 5,000 positive reviews.

How to Find a Good Puppy Cake Recipe

puppy cake recipe

Whether you're searching for a puppy cake recipe or simply looking for a way to get your dog to eat healthier, here are some ideas you can use to start!


Whether you are baking a treat for your dog or celebrating a special occasion, you may want to try a dog cake recipe. This type of treat is a great way to give your pooch a little treat while helping to keep your pet healthy.

There are numerous dog cake recipes to choose from. Some are better than others. The key is to find the best recipe for your pet. You may also want to consider using healthy ingredients to ensure your pet gets the most out of the cake. The best way to ensure this is to buy organic ingredients.

Oats are a great source of fiber, which can help your pooch maintain a healthy coat. They are also rich in vitamins and nutrients. You may also want to consider using a dog cake recipe that uses oats instead of flour to avoid adding excess calories to your pet's diet.

You may want to look into a dog cake recipe that uses a protein source, such as eggs. The cake may also be made from vegetables, such as carrots, if you have a vegetarian pet. You can also experiment with ingredients like chickpea flour.

The best part about a dog cake recipe is that it is easy to bake. All you need to do is to find the right ingredients and follow the directions. You will also want to test out the cake to ensure it is not burning on the outside. You may also want to make sure you have a good oven temperature.

Peanut butter

Whether it's your dog's birthday or you just love dogs, a little bit of peanut butter goes a long way. If you have a pup with a sweet tooth, then you'll be happy to know that this recipe is a cinch to make and will satisfy your canine companion's cravings.

To get started, you'll need a cupcake tin, a small jar of peanut butter, and a good quality jar of honey. Next, whisk together the ingredients to ensure a smooth, glossy finish. You'll want to leave the mixture in the tin for 10 minutes to allow the cake to cool. After that, you're ready to go.

The cake will need to be baked for about 20-30 minutes. After the cake has cooled, you'll need to frost it. There are several ways to do this. You can go all out and frost it in place, or you can go the simple route and just pipe the icing around the outside.

Aside from the actual cake, you can also opt for a dog bone cake pan. This can also be used to create puppy treats. You can even make it into mini cupcakes. If you want to get really creative, you can even use silicone molds to make cupcakes.

The peanut butter and carrot cake is the perfect treat for any special occasion. The combination of peanut butter, carrots and honey add fiber and vitamins to the mix.

Baking powder

Whether you're making a birthday cake for your puppy or you're trying to give your dog an extra treat, there are several dog friendly cake recipes you can try. Unlike human cakes, you can make a dog cake using whole grain flours and healthy ingredients.

Whether you're making a pumpkin cake, carrot cake, or other treat, you'll want to make sure you use all-natural ingredients. If you want to decorate your dog's cake, try using yogurt icing or a homemade unsweetened whipped cream. These ingredients will help to keep the cake moist and keep it safe for your dog.

If you want to give your puppy a cake that has more substance, try making one using whole grain flours and healthy ingredients. Using oat flour can help replace 25% of the flour in a recipe, resulting in a light, moist treat for your dog.

There are also many savory cake recipes you can try. For example, the Cotter Crunch cake is made using chickpea flour and fresh strawberries. This recipe uses a small amount of baking powder to help the cake rise.

Another dog friendly cake recipe is Lola the Pitty, which uses peanut butter and banana. This recipe requires just five minutes of cooking time. The cake is perfect for cool dogs, and can be stored in the fridge for four days.

If you want a cake that is more moist, you can try using coconut oil or applesauce instead of bananas. Aside from adding sweetness, these ingredients will help keep the cake from causing your dog stomach problems.

Carrot applesauce

Whether you're looking for a homemade dog birthday cake or a healthy treat for your canine, this recipe for carrot applesauce puppy cake is a great way to add a sweet treat to your pet's menu. Carrots are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They also add moisture to the cake. Using applesauce adds a natural sweet flavor to the cake that dogs love.

To make the cake, you'll need a medium-sized mixing bowl and a large-sized mixing bowl. The medium-sized bowl will contain the dry ingredients. The large-sized bowl will contain the wet ingredients.

Next, mix the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients. Then, add the eggs. The eggs are packed with protein, vitamin B12, and amino acids. The eggs are also important for cake rising. Then, gradually pour the dry ingredients into the large-sized mixing bowl. Then, combine the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients until they are thoroughly mixed.

The carrots should be shredded and folded into the batter. Alternatively, you can use pre-shredded carrots. You can also use carrot peel gratings for texture.

The cake should be baked for 30 minutes. After it's baked, you'll want to let it cool for at least 10 minutes before frosting it. Frosting can be made with peanut butter, yogurt, or apple sauce. You can also decorate the cake with carrots, yogurt, or peanut butter.

You can use date syrup as a substitute for the coconut oil. You can also use yogurt or honey.

No-bake s'mores

Using a no-bake S'mores Puppy Chow recipe, you can enjoy the flavor of s'mores in the comfort of your own home. This recipe is great for snacking, but you can also freeze it for up to a month. It's perfect for the summer heat and even the kids will appreciate this tasty treat.

The best part about this recipe is that it's easy to make, and kids will love it. A quick 10 minutes of your time, and you'll have a sweet treat to munch on. It's also a great family recipe, since you can make it together.

The No-Bake S'mores 'Cake is a no-bake dessert that is a nod to the classic combination of chocolate and marshmallow. This recipe is made with Cool Whip, chocolate pudding, and crunch graham crackers. You can also opt for a toasted marshmallow topping, which will add a whole new level of s'mores goodness.

S'mores are a summertime treat that is enjoyed by everyone. There are many desserts, bars, and savory snacks that use the s'mores theme. Using a no-bake S'mores puppy chow recipe will give you a delicious, no-mess snack that the whole family can enjoy. This is a great way to end a day of playing in the backyard. Try it out and you'll see why s'mores are such a popular summer treat! Make a batch today and watch your family enjoy the best summer treat around.

Mini meatloaf

Whether you're looking for a homemade dog cake recipe, or a special treat for your canine friend, you can't go wrong with a meatloaf cupcake. It's a great dog treat, and it's the perfect size for any occasion. You can make it in a small baking tin or in an 8'' round pan.

To make this cake, start by preheating your oven to 350°F. You'll then mix together the following ingredients: one pound lean ground beef, one egg, two cups of oats, half a cup of peas, half a cup of carrots, and three tablespoons of mashed potatoes. The mashed potatoes make a tasty topping for the cake.

After baking for twenty-five to thirty minutes, remove the tin from the oven and let it cool. You can then cut it into three layers. You can also freeze it for up to three months.

As with human meatloaf, the cake doesn't rise while it's cooking. This means that you can cut it into small pieces, and it will last for up to four days in your dog's fridge. You can even make meatballs from it.

You'll need to make a special ingredient, the mashed potato frosting, which is simply mashed potatoes mixed with a bit of boiled potatoes. It's an easy to make dog treat that will provide your canine with a dose of protein, essential vitamins and minerals, and iron. You can add a bit of parmesan cheese or parsley to it for added flavor.

What to Put in a Mojito

what mojito

Whenever you're preparing to make a mojito, you need to know what to put into the mix. The cocktail is usually made with white rum, lime juice, sugar, and mint. This mix is designed to complement the rum.


Whether you call it Mojito or El Draque, one of the world's most popular cocktails has a long history. It was first invented in Cuba. It has traveled the world and is now a popular cocktail for tourists and dignitaries.

In the early 1500s, a Spaniard created a concoction for crude spirits. He gave it to British sailors. However, the name was not called Mojito in those early days. It was more of a medicinal drink.

During the 1700s, African slaves worked in the sugar cane fields in Cuba. They would drink guarapo, which was the juice of sugarcane. It was believed to be a elixir that could cure dysentery. It may have also offered a connection to the spirit world.

The pirates of the Caribbean were involved in the slave trade and were also involved in the sugar industry. They also used a similar tonic.

The origin of the drink is still unknown, but it is thought that it may have originated from a 16th century medicinal tonic. It has also been suggested that the drink may be related to a sour citrus sauce.

Mojito is a combination of lime, sugar, mint, rum and soda water. It has been a favorite cocktail of celebrities such as Ernest Hemingway and Brigitte Bardot. It was also popular during Prohibition.

The Bacardi Company started selling mojitos in the mid-1800s. They also bought the first distillery in Cuba. They changed the game with their rapid fermentation process. This improved the rum and spread the drink's popularity.

Mojitos are also a favorite of tourists. They are simple to make and easy to drink. They are also a cheap cocktail.

In the 1930s, the drink gained popularity in the Cuban capital of Havana. It was also popular with tourists from the United States and other countries. The drink became even more popular when American tourists traveled to Cuba during Prohibition. It was then that it became the second most popular cocktail to the daiquiri.

The Mojito also became popular in the James Bond films. James Bond drank it while seducing Jinx in "Die Another Day" (2002).


Generally, mojitos are made with white rum and a few other ingredients. They are a refreshing cocktail with a pronounced mint flavor. They are often served in a highball glass with a dash of club soda. They are also available in a pitcher, which can be a great idea for a party or large gathering.

A mojito is made with rum, lime, mint, and sugar. These are common ingredients in Cuba. However, you can also make them with apple-infused rum, or even Arak. Arak is a fiery rum from Israel, and it is known to be a potent drink.

The rum and lime juice in a mojito have medicinal properties. They are said to provide a good immunity booster. They are also known to promote healthy digestion.

Mojitos were first introduced in Cuba in the late nineteenth century. The ingredients were originally made by slaves in the sugar fields of Cuba. They were given to sick crew members. This drink has become one of Cuba's most famous and popular drinks.

The classic mojito recipe is a simple one. It consists of one part rum, one part lime juice, and two parts mint. The lime juice provides the anti-scurvy properties of the drink, while the mint is said to give the drink its signature mint flavor.

A mojito is a very popular summertime drink worldwide. It is a great drink to sip on while you are out and about. Besides being light and refreshing, it also offers a good balance of tart and sweet. It's a drink that is fun to make and enjoy.

If you're making your own mojito, try using spearmint, a native to Cuba. Its more understated flavor can make it a great choice.

It's also a good idea to prepare a pineapple garnish for your mojito. Pineapple juice is also known to help reduce the sugar content of a mojito. The fruit's tart flavor is a perfect addition to a mojito.

A classic mojito is made by muddleing a few mint leaves, a few slices of lime, and two parts rum. Then you stir in a splash of soda water. It's a drink that will satisfy even the most thirsty of customers.

Health benefits

During the summer season, it is good to have a Mojito in order to get rid of the heat and keep your body hydrated. This drink is good for boosting your metabolism, warding off colds and fevers, and restoring energy.

It is also good for fighting allergies. Mint contains high levels of antioxidants and can help reduce inflammation of the stomach. The antioxidants are also useful in warding off diseases like cancer and heart disease.

Mojitos are a refreshing drink, and they are also a great source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps fight off free radicals and promotes healthy digestion. They can also help lower cholesterol levels.

The fat content in a Mojito is remarkably low. It includes 0 grams of saturated fat, 0 grams of trans fat, and 0 grams of monounsaturated fat. It also contains 0.5 grams of fiber.

The vitamin C content in the drink is quite high. Lime is also a good source of vitamin C. The juice also contains calcium, which is good for the bone.

The mint and lime juice in a Mojito also have digestive tract benefits. Drinking Mojitos can help prevent constipation, which can wreak havoc on a perfect vacation. The calcium content of Mojitos is good for bone health.

Sodium levels in a Mojito should also be checked. It is important to consume less than 2000 mg of sodium each day. A low-sodium diet can also help with controlling water retention in the body.

It is also helpful to increase your daily fiber intake. A food item is considered a "high fiber food" if it contains at least 5 grams of fiber. The good news is that a lot of foods contain fiber. It is also a good idea to increase your fiber intake to 30 grams per day.

The classic Mojito is a refreshing drink, but if you want to get more health benefits from your cocktail, you might want to try some of these other alternatives.

If you are looking for a sweet treat that also packs a health punch, consider making a Lemon Mint Cocktail. Lemons are a good source of Vitamin C.

Non-alcoholic version

Whether you are looking for a cool drink to enjoy on a hot summer day or you just want to make a delicious drink for your children, a non-alcoholic version of Mojito is an excellent choice. This recipe is easy to make and will surely satisfy your tastes.

Virgin Mojito is traditionally made with lime juice, rum and mint. However, you can substitute the rum with apple juice, tequila or other sweet drinks. You can also use sugar cane juice to replace the lemon juice. You can also add honey to make the drink more delicious.

The Mojito is one of the most popular cocktails in the world. This drink is considered to be extremely refreshing and contains healthful elements. It is rich in Vitamin C and Calcium. It can be made with a variety of ingredients including mint leaves and sugar. You can also make the drink with soda.

You can make a Virgin Mojito in a matter of minutes. You simply need to add a few ingredients, and you will be able to enjoy this delicious drink right away.

The non-alcoholic version of the Mojito is perfect for kids or drivers. You can even make this drink for your family get-togethers. You can make the drink with lime wedges or mint leaves, and serve it with a straw.

The traditional recipe for a Mojito consists of white rum, sugar and mint. However, you can make the recipe with apple juice, lemon juice or ginger ale instead of rum.

You can also replace the rum with a healthy alternative such as agave syrup. This has a similar taste to honey and is very healthy. You can also use almond milk or a vegan substitute for the rum.

If you want to make a Mojito for your children, you can make it with honey instead of sugar. You can also replace the rum with lemon juice or a neutral sweet soda. You can also make the drink with crushed ice. It's fun to make, and you will enjoy it with friends or family.

You can also make this drink by rubbing mint leaves with a maddler. You can also replace the rum with sprite, club soda, or honey.

The Difference Between Kipping Pull-Ups and Butterfly Pull-Ups

butterfly crossfit

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned Crossfit athlete, you should know the difference between kipping pull-ups and butterfly pull-ups. The key is to get as big of a scoop as you can before you guide yourself upwards, and to use your abs and hip flexors.

Kipping pull ups vs butterfly pull ups

Whether you're a Crossfitter or not, you've probably heard of both kipping pull ups and butterfly pull ups. They're different, but they have some very similar movement foundations. They both require you to pull your body through a hollow, or arch, to achieve a position at the top of your rep. Both movements are safe, but they can also be dangerous.

Kipping pull ups are a full-body movement that requires you to pull your body up through a hollow to reach a high bar. To perform kipping pull ups, you'll need a good grip and long levers to get the bar overhead. Unlike the butterfly pull up, which requires you to pull your body up through the bar and then pull your hips and feet back behind you, kipping pull ups involve a complete body motion.

Although kipping pull ups can be safer than butterfly pull ups, they still require a good amount of finesse. For starters, you should never slam your chin over the bar while doing a kipping pull up. It can cause slap-tears in the labrum, which can lead to severe soft tissue damage.

Similarly, you should never slam your arms out in front of you while doing a butterfly pull up. This can lead to an anterior dislocation of the humeral head, which can cause serious soft tissue damage.

When comparing the two, it's important to remember that butterfly pull ups don't fatigue the forearms or shoulders like kipping pull ups do. They also require more coordination and muscular recruitment. They're also much quicker to perform.

One key difference between the two is that kipping pull ups require you to change positions between hollow and Superman, while butterfly pull ups involve a full-arch body position. This allows you to reach the bar in a more efficient manner.

If you want to improve your CrossFit skills, you'll need to learn both kipping pull ups and butterfly Pull Ups. But you should only do them when you're strong enough to do strict pull ups. If you don't have the strength, you're more likely to injure yourself.

Using your abs and hip flexors

Using your abs and hip flexors in butterfly crossfit is a great way to enhance your core strength. Core muscles are responsible for supporting and protecting the organs of the body. These muscles help keep you upright, provide stability, and allow your body to move efficiently. When you perform these exercises, you must focus on proper form and dynamic stretching to increase strength.

The butterfly sit up is an abdominal exercise that targets the hip flexors. Performing this exercise helps to deactivate the hip flexors, which can be overactive and cause problems when you are trying to bend forward.

The butterfly sit up also promotes better abdominal contraction. The abs, back, and neck are all challenged during this exercise. While it may not be recommended for people with injuries, it is a great way to target and strengthen the core.

You can also try performing hollow rocks. This exercise requires you to lift your legs off the ground and squeeze your quads. This is similar to jumping knee tucks. However, it can be harder due to the constant tension created by your abs.

Another great way to use your abs and hip flexors is to perform butterfly pull ups. These exercises use propulsion to allow you to complete more reps with less effort. This helps you to speed up your workout and is recommended for those who are bored with the standard pull up.

One of the biggest challenges in Crossfit is hitting a one minute max pull up. You must complete the exercise without holding your breath, letting your body recover, or losing your balance. If you are doing this exercise, make sure you have enough time to warm up and perform a light cardio session.

You may also want to try a hip extension exercise. This exercise strengthens the hip extensor muscles, which are responsible for propelling the body forward over the leg when flexed in front. You must engage your core while performing this exercise to properly align your spine.

You should also try performing toes-to-bar, which requires you to lift your legs to a bar. Performing this exercise is not a good idea for people with back problems, as it will increase stress on the lower back.

Crossfit criticisms

Despite the growing popularity of CrossFit, there are still criticisms about the movement. This is true for a number of reasons. First and foremost, CrossFit is a program that was designed to prepare athletes for competition. In order to be successful at the competition, CrossFitters have to practice and perform the most effective movements regularly. This is a great thing, but it's also dangerous.

One of the criticisms of CrossFit is that its workouts are too intense. CrossFit workouts require athletes to find their maximum rep count on a given exercise. They also don't allow for much rest between movements. This makes it difficult to maintain concentration during a workout. In addition, the workouts are not uniform across all facilities. This means that one person might find a workout that includes a rep max of two while another person will have a rep max of five.

Other criticisms of CrossFit include its focus on a narrow range of skill moves. While some exercises, such as the snatches, are repeated, the rest of the workouts are new movements that are performed for the first time. Some critics have claimed that the variety makes it difficult to make progress.

Another criticism of CrossFit is that it neglects handstand walking. This is true, but it's important to understand that handstand walking isn't a routine movement. It's a form of gymnastics and is a very specific type of exercise. CrossFit focuses on gymnastics and does not include handstand walking in its workouts.

Regardless of the criticisms of CrossFit, one thing is clear: CrossFit has helped harden athletes for life. It's also helped expose more people to effective training techniques than any other fitness movement. This is why CrossFit is one of the most successful fitness movements of all time.

The next time someone says that CrossFit is dangerous, remember that it's only been around for sixteen years. CrossFit has helped harden athletes, which means they are ready for any situation. This is why CrossFit is a great way to avoid chronic diseases. Also, CrossFit has helped harden athletes for competition, which means they are prepared for anything.

Strict Press for CrossFit

strict press crossfit

Whether you are a veteran CrossFitter or are looking to get started, a strict press can be an effective tool in your training program. There are many ways to use this exercise and it will help you build your strength and muscle.

Bench press

Performing a Bench Press strict press workout is a good way to build upper body strength. It also builds core strength. It will help you perform overhead lifts with better technique. It also increases triceps strength. It's important to keep in mind that the most efficient way to lift weight is to use your entire body.

It's important to know that a Bench Press strict press is different than a Barbell bent over row. The former uses a more stabilized torso while the latter requires more hip drive. A good compromise is the incline bench press. It also boosts chest hypertrophy.

The triceps are the primary push muscles in the strict press. The elbows should be slightly in front in the starting position to create forward force. Getting a good grip is important, but a wider grip can be used.

The barbell is placed on the shoulders at a 45 degree angle. The spotter drops the weight to chest level and assists with the reps. You can use a dumbbell or barbell to perform this move.

The strict press is not for the faint of heart. It requires good core strength, a stable torso, and a narrow grip. It's also best performed with heavy weights.

The Strict Press workout is a good way to build upper-body strength, increase core strength, and improve obliques. It's also a good way to build lockout during overhead lifts. The workout should take a little time and should feel heavy. It's a good idea to try a Strict Press workout at least twice a week.

If you're a beginner, you might not get the proper form. In addition to practicing proper form, you should also increase the volume of each lift. You might even want to consider doing a drop set or a volume day to further increase your strength.

Overhead press

Performing a strict press requires a strong shoulder and midline strength. This exercise is different from other pressing exercises. In other exercises, you use your legs as a spring. In a strict press, you are able to move weight without your lower body.

Performing a strict press will help you build a long and muscular triceps. It will also help you develop broader shoulders. As you progress, the importance of proper form will become more important.

A strict press can be performed in the squat or power rack. The torso should be as static as possible, but you may arch your hips to push ahead of the bar.

This exercise is one of the oldest weightlifting movements. It has been used since the early Olympics. A strict press requires a strong shoulder and core. You can perform a strict press with a barbell or a dumbbell.

A strict press should be performed at least twice a week. As you progress, you should add weight. You can increase your strict press strength by performing a drop set and a volume day. The heavier the weight, the more challenging the exercise. You should be able to complete one all-out set, as close to failure as you can.

The strict press is a tough exercise, and you should perform it with proper form. If you're new to lifting weights, start with lighter weights. Then increase the weight and increase the number of reps. This will allow you to get stronger and hit multiple personal records.

The Strict Press is a good choice for a first exercise of the day. It is challenging, and you should feel mentally and physically exhausted by the time you complete it.

Shoulder press

Whether you're looking to build stronger shoulders, biceps, or pecs, the shoulder press is a great way to get a full body workout. However, you want to make sure you're doing it properly. There are some common mistakes people make when performing this lift.

One of the most common mistakes people make with the shoulder press is not engaging the core. The core is used to stabilize the weight once you've pushed it overhead. It also helps to prevent shoulder impingement. The shrugging motion of the shoulder press helps to create space for the rotator cuff to function.

To perform a strict press, you'll want to start with a weight that you can control for about three sets. Once you've reached this point, you can then progress to heavier weights. Depending on your level of fitness, you can perform the press with either barbells or dumbbells.

Performing a strict press with free weights is a great way to see if you have any muscle imbalances. It's also a great way to test your core stability. A weak core makes it difficult to press the weight from the standing position.

You can also practice pressing with dumbbells or kettlebells. Performing pressing exercises can help you improve your performance with other lifts and improve your posture. Pressing can also be a great way to increase your muscular endurance.

When performing an overhead press, you'll want to make sure your head is in a neutral position. You don't want to look down or up.

You'll also want to make sure your hips aren't moving. The more you use your legs, the less you'll work the shoulder muscles. That's why it's important to lean back slightly at the bottom of the press.


Performing a Z-Press is a great way to improve your strength, stability and mobility while working the upper body. It can also be a good exercise to use after performing a heavy push press. Performing the Z-Press will also help you improve your shoulder strength.

The Z press is a unique overhead pressing exercise that puts emphasis on the obliques, abdominal muscles and core. This is because the entire abdominal core is involved in the movement.

Performing the Z press is a great way to build core strength, shoulder strength, and a strong upper back. It can also help correct overcompensation of weaker muscles.

The Z press has many similarities to the standing overhead press, but requires more mobility. A weak core can lead to an over-arching lumbar spine and inability to properly extend the t-spine. This can affect the performance of the exercise and make it difficult to perform.

The Z press also requires you to use your abdominal core to keep your torso upright. This is especially important if you have poor shoulder mobility. It also forces you to use your upper chest muscles to help you lock out the barbell.

To perform the Z press, set up on a step. Your feet should be planted on the floor and you should have your legs angled at about 30 degrees out from your midline.

Before performing the Z press, be sure to stretch your hamstrings. Performing a Z press with tight hamstrings can be difficult. However, it is easier as your hamstrings become more flexible. This will help you achieve better form.

Performing a Z press on a step will also take tension off your hammies. It is also easier to perform a Z press sitting down. A good tip is to repeat the phrase, "straight knees", throughout the entire movement. This will help you focus on the core muscles that will help you achieve the perfect form.

Face pull

Whether you are a power athlete or functional fitness enthusiast, adding face pulls to your training routine can help you achieve your goals. It's a great way to enhance your shoulder health, eliminate pain in the back and neck, and build strength in the upper back. Using the correct form is also critical.

The most common mistake people make when doing face pulls is improper anchor point. The wrong anchor point can lead to improper technique and pain in the rhomboids, deltoids, and shoulders.

One solution to the problem is to use a pulley machine. This will allow you to add more resistance as you get stronger. You can also use a band anchor. These two options allow you to train at home without accessing a cable machine.

When using the band anchor, make sure that the band is not looped. You should also keep the rope open. You should not hang the band at a low anchor point, as this is not safe for the shoulders.

Another solution is to use the resistance band in the seated position. This will provide a more stable base, but it will also challenge your upper back.

When using the cable machine, the best anchor point is high. The ideal anchor point is a fulcrum at the upper-chest height.

If you do not have access to a cable machine, you can still perform face pulls. You can do this by using a pulley machine, or by using two rope attachments. This alternative is more effective for many people, and you can do it safely even if you're seated.

Face pulls are a great way to add strength to the upper body, as well as strengthening the rhomboids, deltoids, posterior deltoid, and lower traps. They can also help with shoulder health and preventing injuries.

How to Speed Up the Death by Burpees Crossfit WOD

Whether you're a competitive athlete or simply looking to improve your overall fitness, it's important to understand the correct way to do a burpee. For instance, you should avoid flexion or extension of the body during the burpees. Instead, try to complete the movement as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Avoid flexion/extension through the burpee for safety

During a burpee one might find themselves on the floor, but this doesn't have to be the case. There are some very nifty tricks that can keep you from being a squished turtle. Some of the most common missteps include using the wrong weight for your burpee, not executing a proper squat or push up, and allowing your knees to splay outwards. To be fair, these are just the minor niggles that can be remedied with a bit of attention to the details.

The burpee is a humdrum move by the time you get to the top of the pyramid, but the time-tested tips and tricks can help keep you from a sticky end. For example, one of the best burpee tips is to start with a proper squat or pushup and to finish with a proper burpee. If you do this trick you'll have more energy to work with during the actual burpee, which is the best way to go. The key is to be ready for the burpee in the first place.

The most important part of any burpee is to get in the right frame of mind, and to avoid being tempted to cheat on your weights. The ten best burpee tips include being aware of your own limitations, and being able to tell if your body is ready to move or not.

Speed up the burpee workout

Getting into the burpee workout is an excellent way to burn fat, build muscle, and get fit. The burpee is an exercise that engages almost every muscle group in your body, and is great for working your chest, shoulders, and arms. It can be an arduous task, though, so you'll want to take care of yourself. Luckily, there are several ways to speed up the burpee workout.

The most obvious way to speed up the burpee workout is to change the position of your feet. You'll want to widen your feet so that you can reduce the distance from the floor, and your time spent in the air. This will also give you more control over your body, and help you complete the workout quicker.

Another way to speed up the burpee workout involves using a plyo box, or bench. You'll want to use a plyo box to perform a burpee because it will give you a full range of motion. When doing a plyo box burpee, you'll be able to make sure that you're doing the right number of reps.

A third way to speed up the burpee workout includes adding a push-up to the burpee. You'll want to make sure that you get at least 10 good push-ups in a row. You can do this by standing on a bench or using a Bosu ball with the flat side up. It's also a great way to work your core.

Another way to speed up the burpee is to fold your torso forward. This will shorten the distance you have to travel to the ground, and will also make it easier to identify the checkmarks on your checklist. It's also a good idea to try to get an inch of air on your burpee, because it's an excellent way to burn fat.

You should also try to jump on your feet as high as possible, but not too high. The most important part of the burpee is figuring out the correct form. This can be difficult, especially for those who are inexperienced, or who have joint pain. If you're prone to injury, you should consult with a professional before you start. You'll also want to make sure that you're doing the exercise in the correct order.

Getting into the burpee workout is a great way to burn fat, build muscle, and stretch your joints. You'll be able to do many of the same exercises that you would use in a traditional workout, such as push-ups and squats. It's also a great way for you to loosen up. You should do a quick general warm-up before performing any type of exercise. If you're new to the gym, you can start out with modified burpees to get your body used to the idea of moving your body weight around.

Complete the Death by Burpees WOD

Depending on your fitness level, you should expect to be able to complete the Death by Burpees Crossfit WOD in around fifteen to twenty minutes. This workout is a high intensity interval workout that tests your full body strength and mobility. It is also very scalable to your fitness level, so if you're a beginner, you can start at an easy pace and then increase it as your fitness level improves.

The goal of the Death by Burpees workout is to complete as many reps as possible within a minute. The workout starts with one burpee, followed by two burpees, three burpees, etc. Each minute, you will have to increase the amount of reps you complete. The workout also teaches you to develop endurance. This exercise will spike your heart rate and develop every muscle in your body. Performing burpees is one of the best workouts you can do to improve your cardiovascular health.

The burpees workout is one of the most popular Crossfit workouts. They are a bodyweight exercise that engages all muscles of the body. They can be performed as a standalone workout or as a finisher to a longer workout. Burpees are a great way to increase your cardiovascular health, build strength, and improve your overall endurance. They are also a great exercise for beginners, as they are easy to do and do not require a lot of equipment.

The workout is a great way to develop mental strength, as well. The goal is to stay as focused as possible while you complete the workout. It can also be very motivating, as it will help you to stay focused during the rest of the day. The workout is also very scalable, so even if you have a limited amount of time to train, you can still complete it. You'll feel great after you finish it, so try to do it as often as possible.

The CrossFit mainsite WOD takes seven to eleven minutes to complete. This workout can be done in the gym or on the road, in a hotel room, or even in a airport. It's easy to perform a CrossFit WOD anywhere, and there is no need for special equipment.

The Death by Burpees Crossfit WOD starts with one burpee. You then jump your feet six inches off the floor, and lower your chest to the floor for a bodyweight press-up. Then you jump your feet back into a plank position. At the top of the burpee, you must clap. You will then complete another burpee. Repeat this cycle for about six minutes, and then you'll stop when you can't do the burpees in a minute.

The Death by Burpees workout is a great way to increase mental strength, as well. The workout is also very scalable, as it will teach you to develop endurance. It can be very motivating, as it will help to develop your mental strength.

Chandler Smith CrossFit - Top 20 Tips For Improving Your Workouts

chandler smith crossfit

Regardless of your experience with CrossFit or your goals in training, Chandler Smith CrossFit will teach you what you need to know to succeed. In fact, we've compiled the top 20 tips for improving your workouts, and they're sure to get you excited about training.

racial makeup of the podium at every CrossFit Games

Throughout the years, CrossFit Games has been known for its gradual changes. One such change is the inclusion of payouts for the podium divisions. These payouts are a way for CrossFit to provide equal prizes for people of either gender.

At the first event of the 2021 CrossFit Games, the top 40 men and 40 women from across the world fought for the title of Fittest on Earth. Day one featured sprints, a long swim, wall walks, and a longer paddle. The athlete who completed the most events during the day will be awarded a title, and the prize is $310,000.

The Fittest on Earth title was awarded to Haley Adams, who won the Fittest Woman on Earth race. She beat out five-time champion Mallory O'Brien.

Other notable winners included Tia-Clair Toomey, who won the women's event. And in the men's event, Justin Medeiros was the winner. The men's competition was a bit closer, and Medeiros seized the lead in heat two.

Despite a slow start, Garard was able to recover and finish on the podium. He should be considered the man to watch on the final day.

There were some notable changes in the regional qualifying format. The Regional qualifier has been replaced by an invitation to 10 events in six regions. Athletes who qualify from the semi-finals are also given the chance to compete in 10 sanctioned events across six regions.

The podium at the CrossFit Games is dominated by white men. In fact, the male title for the best event in the competition is a white man's title.

Other notable athletes include Elisabeth Akinwale, a top competitor of color at the Games. She blogs about motherhood and is a prominent figure at the events. The American Council on Exercise has tracked CrossFit demographics and found that 60% of the population of CrossFitters are women. Despite these statistics, CrossFit has had trouble representing people of color on its social media feeds.

CrossFit, a libertarian organization, is trying to make the sport more diverse. Some commenters on the site seem supportive. But others say the company is not showing enough diversity.

squat 424 pounds at the 2020 CrossFit Games

During the first stage of the 2020 CrossFit Games, four-time Fittest Man on Earth and reigning champion Mat Fraser won the first event. He also took top spot in the CrossFit Total. His total of 490 pounds led him to victory. His runner-up Noah Ohlsen finished with 424 pounds, which was less than Fraser's.

The CrossFit Total is the sum of a one-rep maximum back squat and shoulder press. This is the most accurate test of strength in CrossFit. Five men and women competed in this event in the 2020 CrossFit Games. The winner's score was based on the load of the heaviest successful lift.

In the second event, Griffin Roelle blew away the competition to win. He squatted 490 pounds, which was more than 10 pounds higher than his runner-up. He also completed the max front squat. He won by 12 seconds over Noah Ohlsen.

After the first stage of the 2020 CrossFit games, the top five men and women will qualify for the second stage in Aromas, California. The top five women will also advance to the third stage of the Games in The Ranch. They will compete with each other for the top five spots.

The 2020 CrossFit Games have a hybrid format that emphasizes the health and fitness of athletes and affiliates. Athletes will compete in time slots in their respective time zones. Their scores will be updated on the leaderboard. Each athlete will be judged by a CrossFit Seminar Staff.

The 2020 CrossFit Games are held in Aromas, California, on October 19-25. They are open to athletes from around the world. Each athlete will perform seven events over the two-day period. The first four events will take place on Friday, September 18th.

The remaining events will take place on Saturday, October 19. The first six workouts have been announced. The first four events will take place in two blocks, with each athlete performing each event once. Athletes will be judged in person by a CrossFit Seminar Staff. The judge will start when the feet are off the ground and will give three minutes between each effort.

training at Beyond the Whiteboard

Having been around the CrossFit community for over four years now, I have had the pleasure of seeing some of the most dedicated and tenacious athletes compete. The CrossFit Games are no exception. I have witnessed athletes tackling some of the most challenging workouts I've ever seen. Those are the ones I'll never forget.

While I have seen countless mediocre athletes, I have never seen a competitor perform as well as Chandler Smith. His 141 day workout log is proof of that. His tally includes over 50 PR's in the books. In addition to being the king of the CrossFit gym, he also happens to be a second lieutenant in the U.S. Army Armor branch.

I have to say, I didn't see him in action on the day of the games, but I've been following his progress since the start of the year. Despite my skepticism, I can't wait for his next big performance. As of this writing, he is on track to qualify for the Atlantic Regional. His ultimate goal is to qualify for the CrossFit Games in 2022. I'm guessing that he will be a resounding success in the next few years. I wish I had his courage to challenge him for a friendly competition.

I won't get into the nitty gritty here, but I will say that the most difficult part of this challenge was keeping up with Chandler. His unwavering dedication to the game has helped his performance. As of this writing, Chandler has completed 511 workout sessions in 141 days. He has only taken a full rest day once, and that is a rare occurrence. Aside from his training, Chandler's biggest obstacle is his personal style.

pending sale from sole owner Greg Glassman to Eric Roza

Several members of the CrossFit community have expressed concern over the pending sale from sole owner Greg Glassman to Eric Roza. Glassman's sale to Roza is expected to be finalized in July. The CrossFit sale will send ripples throughout the fitness community.

CrossFit founder Greg Glassman stepped down from his position as CEO in June. He has since sold the company to Eric Roza, a former tech boss who owns several CrossFit gyms. Roza is partnering with private equity firm Berkshire Partners to purchase CrossFit Inc. 1% of the company's stock will be placed in a non-voting trust for Glassman's family.

In a public statement, Roza addressed recent allegations of racism and sexism at the CrossFit HQ. He also announced that he will host a town hall for CrossFit athletes and affiliates in mid-August. The town hall will include a presentation about company culture and affiliate support.

He has also been on a "listening tour" for the last month. He has held zoom calls with various sections of the CrossFit community and encouraged feedback. He also reportedly made a phone call to several top CrossFit athletes to reverse a boycott that had been planned for the 2020 CrossFit Games.

Roza has been training in the CrossFit method for nearly a decade. He is the owner of TrueCoach, a workout app, and he owns CrossFit Sanitas in Boulder, CO. He is also on the boards of several other companies.

A recent story by the New York Times described a sexist work environment at the CrossFit HQ. The article also revealed that Glassman was embattled by racist comments and tweets. He has since apologized for his comments.

Glassman's comments were a major blow to the CrossFit community. Many CrossFit affiliates have quit because of them. The company has also lost sponsors. Reebok, which used to be a major CrossFit sponsor, announced it was stepping away from the partnership.

Eric Roza will become the new CEO of CrossFit Inc. He will oversee the company's operations and will also be on the boards of several other companies. Several members of the CrossFit community noticed a change in communication after the announcement.

How to Compete in CrossFit Competitions

crossfit competitions

Getting ready to compete in a CrossFit competition can be very intimidating, especially if you've never tried it before. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources out there to help you get started.

Scaled or Rx?

Choosing whether to compete in Scaled or Rx CrossFit competitions is often a personal decision. This decision is based on many factors, including your athletic ability, comfort level, and the intensity of the workout. However, if you are unsure, you may want to ask a coach about scaling options.

Scaled CrossFit competitions are similar to Rx competitions, but with modified movements. Athletes are still expected to perform the same amount of reps in the same amount of time, but with less weight.

Scaled CrossFit competitions can be either singles or teams. Teams are typically a mix of ages, genders, and strength levels. Teams are encouraged to compete in a friendly environment.

The top ten Scaled teams will earn a spot in the Main Event. The competition will span three months and include online competitions hosted by WOD Hunter. This type of competition can be a good option for athletes who aren't ready to compete in the CrossFit Games yet.

Scaled competitors will be placed lower than all Rx scores on the leader board. When submitting scores, scaled athletes will select "Scaled" when submitting scores. In this division, there are no cash prizes.

The Masters division is for athletes over 40. Athletes in this division must use their age as of December 31, 2022. This is a more advanced level of competition, as they will be expected to perform gymnastics skills similar to Advanced-Rx. The weights in this division are usually somewhere between Rx and Scaled.

Whether you choose to compete in Rx or Scaled CrossFit competitions, you will need to prepare and review your workout. You should also set realistic goals and sleep at least 8 hours per night.

XXX divisions

Among the legions of the fitness buffs, the CrossFit Games have earned a monopoly position as the best fitness competition in town. As a result, the competition is fierce. With so many competitors vying for the best workout of the year, a top notch savvy will set you apart from the pack.

Aside from the competition itself, the best way to survive the slings and arrows of the competition is to learn all you can about your sport of choice. The best way to do this is to find the best coaches and training facilities in your area and take a stab at some of the more competitive events. Some of the more well-known competitions may even be hosting their own version of the CrossFit Games next season. This is an ideal opportunity to make the most of your workouts, eat some of your favorite foods, and maybe even get a sneak peek at the latest in fitness gadgets and gizmos.

Real-time monitoring

Using real-time monitoring, CrossFit athletes have the opportunity to re-test benchmark WODs, which test speed, stamina and strength. They can also share their results on social media. These metrics can help a CrossFit athlete gauge their strengths and weaknesses, which can then be used to improve performance.

The real-time monitoring solution provided by Firstbeat Sports enabled the athletes in the Battle of Jyvaskyla to optimize their training load. Athletes used mobile phones to take photos and video of their activities. In addition, a video was created and streamed directly to social media channels.

The heart rate monitor is a great way to measure a workout's intensity and capacity. It can also display the red zone of your fitness zone, which can be a useful indicator of the level of your fitness. It also has the potential to help you figure out the best time to do a workout.

A well-designed heart rate monitor can show you what you're doing in real-time. It's also one of the most effective tools in tracking your recovery after a workout, which is particularly important in CrossFit competitions. It can also show you the health and fitness milestones that matter most to you.

Using the best technology available, WHOOP is announcing a multiyear partnership with CrossFit. The company will produce a cross-platform solution that will give athletes and coaches the data they need to make informed training decisions. They will also work together on co-branded events and educational content. It is expected that half of the competing athletes in the CrossFit Games will wear the Official Wearable of CrossFit in 2020.

There are many factors that can interfere with performance in a CrossFit competition. From a psychological standpoint to physiological ones, they can all make a big impact.

Structure of your schedule

Choosing the best schedule for your team is no small feat. Whether you're competing with a couple of mates or a crew of pros, you're going to need a clear plan of attack. This is especially true if you're just beginning to tinker with the competition scene. Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks to keep you on the right track.

There are a few simple rules to follow when choosing a schedule. You'll want to include a budget and your competitions' specific needs. You'll also want to consider your own personal goals and objectives. If you're just starting out in CrossFit, you'll want to look for a team competition that caters to your specific needs. You'll also want to get to know your teammates, so that you're more prepared for competition day. A team competition is also a lot of fun, if you have the right team.

One of the most interesting CrossFit competitions is the one that's going on at the same time as yours. You'll get a taste of what it's like to compete against the best of the best while keeping your mind sharp and your sanity intact. Plus, you'll have the chance to make some new friends. If you're not lucky enough to be competing in a local competition, you'll want to check out the competitions being held at your local gym. And while you're there, you might as well sign up for the latest workout program. You might even be surprised to see what your competition has in store for you.

Finally, the crossfit competitions are almost every weekend these days. So, you'll have plenty of time to get your workouts in before the big show.

The fear of competing

Whether you are a seasoned CrossFitter or a beginner, the fear of competing in CrossFit can be an intimidating emotion. It's not only scary, but it can affect your performance.

Managing stress is an important part of being a competitive athlete. You may have to deal with other people's opinions, or you may worry about germs or machines being taken. You may also worry about crowds and other things you can't control.

Fear of failure is the number one mental game issue for athletes. In fact, it can be one of the greatest barriers to achieving success. However, effective goal-setting strategies can significantly reduce your fear of failure.

When you start to prepare for a competition, it's important to set goals for yourself that don't require perfection. Instead, focus on process goals. This will allow you to overcome your fear of failure and perform well.

The first step to overcoming pre-competition anxiety is understanding where the fear comes from. Whether you are afraid of weightlifting, a race, or even drowning, knowing the source of your fear is an important step in overcoming it.

Often, the fear of failure comes from past experiences. For example, you might have had a bad lift, or a bad showing during competition. In those cases, your confidence can be ruined. It is important to shift your mindset to focus on improvement, and to keep yourself mentally prepared.

Competition anxiety has been shown to significantly affect athletic performance. It has also been shown to increase the risk of burnout. However, fear can be a healthy human emotion. It should not be crippling other emotions.

While it may be stressful to prepare for a CrossFit competition, it is definitely worth it. You can learn something new and grow personally by competing. It is also fun.

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