Naples Pizza:

Naples Pizza:

Naples Pizza:

Naples Pizza

Naples Pizza And Italian Restaurant is literally a slice of southern Italy in San Antonio. Walking through the door, your senses are immediately filled with sights, aromas, and sounds that transport you to the sunny Mediterranean coastal town that sleeps in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius


Naples Pizza & Italian Restaurant, Belford Nj

The queue to get into Sorbillo can take up to an 1½ hours because it makes perhaps the best pizza in the city. Sorbillo is renowned for making vast pizzas from organic Campanian produce. To ease the wait, those in the know pick up a cold beer and a bag of Taralli crackers from the inconspicuous marble Aquafrescaio kiosk next door, which has been manned by the same signora for the last 50 years.

Each neighbourhood in Naples is like a village: with its own parish church, piazza, market and usually trattorie and pizzerias to choose from. Locals might have varied preferences on which grocer stocks the best mozzarella or which fishmonger sells the freshest clams but there will usually be a consensus as to the best pizzeria. In the Montesanto neighbourhood, home to the oldest market in the city, it is the modest-but-well-respected pizzeria da Attilio that gets the most love – but get there early as it tends to run out of dough before closing time.

The Etruscans may have come up with the idea of putting toppings on flatbreads, but it was the Neapolitans who elevated this simple concept to an art form. Prototype pizzas were sold as street food in Naples as early as the 16th century and the Margherita – that classic, modern pizza topped with cheese and tomato sauce – was invented in Naples in 1889. Unsurprisingly, Naples remains the best place on earth to sample this undisputed culinary classic. (Source: theculturetrip.com)


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