Mr Beast Burger

Mr Beast Burger

Mr Beast Burger:


Mr. Beast Burger is a 72-ounce black burger made with Niman Ranch beef, three homemade sauces, and 16 Oz. of cheese. The menu offers something for everyone with dozens of burgers, sides and shakes.


Love everything y'all do and this is a great way to expand your business!! I hope you keep doing smart business moves like this because you have crazy potential if you play your cards right. Just ate a burger and it was good but it would have been BETTER if it came in insulated packaging so that it wouldn't get cold. Also. The app is buggy and very poorly designed. I recommend new devs. I know you probably wouldn't do that but compared to the design and ease of use of other delivery apps this feels like it was made in a few days. I’m a college student and I’m confident I could make a better app than this. (you could start by making the delivery instructions option be able to hold more characters.) some people do not live in an open area and we choose to not use delivery apps because they always deliver to the wrong address. A paypal payment option would be really nice too although I know thats complicated.

So, this is now my first opportunity to order food strictly through the “MrBeast Burger” app. I have been trying for hours and it simply is not working. When I try to choose the location closest to me, it just has an infinite loading screen. This is very high quality food. The fact I am even trying to order $15 burgers and fries within the same week says something. Sadly, I think the app itself is poorly made and will not give you any sort of advantage or discounts. Meanwhile it does not even work properly. I really enjoy the food and the cause. But I simply will not order from here again through a random food delivery service. They made multiple stops before coming to me last time and I played it too nice rating a 5. I am behind the MrBeast crew 100% and think the food was top notch. But ordering it is a true hassle and over expensive for the delivery quality I have received. (Source: apps.apple.com)


The business model hinges on deals the ghost-franchise parent companies strike with third-party delivery apps (which are notorious for taking advantage of workers and restaurants), using the leverage of having hundreds of listable “restaurants” to broker top spots for them in search results. If a customer in the Brookfield area searches for grilled cheese on DoorDash, Grilled Cheese Society comes up as the first suggestion. In a search for wings, Firebelly is third and Wild Wild Wings is fourth.

The day-to-day is less chaotic than it sounds. Delivery-app orders stream into one tablet, and the takeout containers all come from the same pile; nothing is branded except HotBox orders, and those have just a sticker. Recipes from Nextbite’s Colorado test kitchen are easy to follow, and the company recommends ingredients from the suppliers Mr. Garofalo already uses. Nextbite takes a 45 percent cut of sales, but handles all delivery-app fees, which would be, for Mr. Garofalo, as high as 30 percent per order. In his best month so far, he cleared $20,000 across the 12 brands. (Source: www.nytimes.com)


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