Moscow Mule Recipe:

Moscow Mule Recipe:

Best Moscow Mule Recip

There are few things more refreshing on a hot summer day than a chilled Moscow mule. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't be drinking it in colder weather, too. The strong ginger-lime flavor makes it a perfect contender for a winter cocktail. (Source: www.delish.com)

Here Are the Details.

Grab some vodka, limes, apple cider, apple butter, and fresh ginger. Shake it all up to infuse everything with that spicy ginger. Strain into your favorite Mule mug and top off with ginger beer. The ginger beer is KEY. To me, it’s what makes a really good Moscow Mule.

Moscow Mule Ingredients:

So what is in a Moscow Mule recipe? Three easy ingredients. And as with any cocktail with such a short ingredient list, the quality of each of those three ingredients will make a notable difference in your cocktail. So avoid the cheapest options at the liquor store, and do some taste-testing to learn which Moscow Mule ingredients you love best.

Moscow Mule Mugs:

I’ve gotta say — I have been making Moscow Mules for a decade in normal (glass) cocktail glasses, and the drinks are just as delicious. But when we were stocking our new kitchen here in Barcelona, we decided to spring for a set of cute copper mugs for our Moscow Mules and Horsefeathers. And I will admit — they’ve made us ridiculously happy each time we’ve used them. They’re just so fun! And even though it’s been proven that the copper doesn’t really keep your drinks any cooler, those chilly handles and frosty mugs make a cold drink even more delightful in the summertime. (Source: www.gimmesomeoven.com)

Moscow Mule Variations:

Nowadays there are about a million cocktails that claim to be some variation of a “mule”. So feel free to get creative with your cocktails and see what you love best! Some ideas for variations could include.

The Best Moscow Mule Recipe!

Well, we couldn’t go a week talking all about summer cocktail recipes without giving a nod to the infamous cocktail that stole a new generation’s hearts and somehow managed to convince all of us that a shiny set of copper mugs in our bar carts was now essential.

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