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BAM A badcase contains at least three pieces of information: the original data (e.g. links of image, video and audio, etc.), recognition results and ground truth. In addition to that, other attributes and operations are also necessary to collaborate with other stages. For instance, as shown in Fig. 6, ML System Functions and ML System Version indicate different gradings of badcases, e.g. system level and model level. Frequency is one of the important factors to determine the priority of a badcase. Description of a badcase should be formatted in such a way to avoid duplicated items. Besides attributes, there are also some operations to improve the efficiency in badcase management. Among the operations, Retrieval is meaningful for different teams to avoid duplicated items as well as to clarify the targets in the next iteration. Add to Test Data is a process to add the badcase-related data into testing sets in DAM. It can maintain the richness of testing data thereby improving the effectiveness of model testing in MTT. (Source: link.springer.com)



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