Mcdonalds Happy Meal Pokemon Cards:

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Pokemon Cards:

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Pokemon Cards

Did you know McDonalds offers Pokemon cards with Happy Meal boxes! If you’re not familiar with what Pokemon is, it’s a popular RPG game that started back in 1995. For Pokemon cards, your friend doesn’t always have to be a human – it can really be half of a team. You can use this Pokemon card as a great teaching tool for teaching kids about Pokémon. Even if your child is too young for the game, the cards are cool enough that kids will be captivated. Dr. Seuss Easter.

Maccas Is Releasing Pokemon Cards As Happy Meal Toys but You’ll Have to Be Quick If You Wanna Catch Them All

McDonald’s Australia is set to release limited edition Pokemon cards as Happy Meal toys to celebrate 25 years of the hugely popular franchise. However, you’ll have to be quick if you want to catch them all because the promotion was wildly popular in the US last year. (Source: www.kotaku.com.au)

Where the High Values Came From?

It started with resellers camping out all night for the cards, so McDonald’s employees put a one-per-customer limit on the Happy Meals in order to stave off any violence should the first person in line buy everything in stock and leave everyone tired, hungry, and cardless: (Source: nerdable.com)

Mcdonald's Pokemon Cards Return in Uk With New Rules to Stop Scalper

As fast food giants McDonald’s reintroduce Pokemon Cards into Happy Meals across the UK, some fans may be fearing a scalper crisis similar to that of the United States. However, they have put some restrictions in place to avoid that. (Source: www.dexerto.com)

New Pokemon Mcdonald's Happy Meal Promotion Will Limit Sales to Stop Scalpers

Earlier this year, The Pokemon Company celebrated the franchise's 25th anniversary through a Happy Meal promotion at McDonald's. Things quickly got out of hand, as resellers gobbled up the cards in droves. Fortunately, it seems the UK branch of McDonald's has learned a lesson, and will be placing purchase limits for their version of the promotion. According to an internal memo obtained by Nintendo Life, customers will be limited to one additional Pokemon purchase beyond the Happy Meal. This won't stop people from buying as many of the meals as they can, but it might make things a bit more difficult.



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