Margarita Recipe

Margarita Recipe

The Best Margarita Recipe!

This famously sweet, sour and salty drink will forever and always be my all-time favorite cocktail. But while I adore just about any kind of margarita — frozen or on the rocks, tequila or mezcal, fruity or spicy or fizzy or creamy, you name it — a classic margarita cocktail in my book simply cannot be beat. I would like to say that these are my absolute favorite, but that’s like saying that other childhood memories are my absolute favorite (or that

Possible Recipe Variations:

The sky’s the limit when it comes to different types of margaritas that you can make, but here are a few of my favorite simple tweaks that you can make to this classic margarita recipe.

Classic Margarita RecipeClassic Margarita Recipe

Tequila and triple sec combine in this fabulous short cocktail mixed with lime juice. Garnish the rim of the glass with salt for that extra punch.

Best Margarita Recipes Plus How to Make the Ultimate Margaritas

Margaritas are a classic drink that we all know and love. It’s definitely the favorite cocktail here, so I created this guide to show you how to make a margarita, plus some of the BEST margarita recipes to try out, and everything you need to know about making the perfect drink, whether frozen, blended, or on the rocks! (Source: www.thecookierookie.com)

Best Simple Margarita (classic Recipe!) – a Couple Cooks

Stop right there. Here’s the best margarita recipe you’ll find: zingy, clear, and classic. It’s simple and uses only 3 ingredients. Did you know that a classic simple margarita doesn’t even use added sugar? Many restaurants and pre-made mixes have loads of sugar. But you won’t miss it here! This drink is perfectly tangy and balanced. Make a single drink, or a pitcher of this cocktail for a night with friends. Here’s how to make a classic margarita on the rocks in just 5 minutes.

What’s in a Margarita? 3 Simple Ingredients!

There’s nothing I love more than a basket of chips and salsa and a margarita in my hand. At restaurants and bars, I tend to ask the bartender if they can “make it tart.” Little did I know, a true margarita drink contains no added sugar! That’s right: no simple syrup at all. You’ll find that this makes the very best margarita recipe you’ll find. (Source:

What’s the Best Tequila for Margaritas?

Many sources say tequila Blanco is best for margaritas. Tequila Blanco (or “new” tequila) has been aged less than 2 months and has that classic tequila burn. But tequila reposado also works! Here’s our preference for the best tequila for margaritas:


Strain into a glass and add ice. Strain the drink into a glass and add ice. What kind of glass to use for the best margarita? Well, it’s a very flexible drink. The margarita drink is often served in a lowball or Old Fashioned glass like you see here, though of course you can use the classic curved margarita glass too. How to make a stunning simple margarita on the rocks like in the shot above? Use clear ice. Clear ice is artisanal ice used in cocktails because of its crystal clear look and beautiful organic shapes. It’s the best way to take your cocktail from good to glamorous! Alex and I try to have a batch ready before we have a cocktail hour because this ice truly steals the show. The frozen margarita is a margarita served as an ice slush, similar to other tropical-inspired frozen mixed drinks like the hurricane or piña colada. The ingredients can be processed with ice in a kitchen blender, or for larger output, a slush or soft-serve ice cream machine is used: a cooled, horizontal cylinder has a rotating impeller which churns the mix so it will not freeze solid, and the thick half-frozen slush is dispensed from a spout. Frozen margaritas were first served in La Jolla, when Albert Hernandez Sr. stopped using crushed ice and instead combined the ingredients in a blender in 1947. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)

This is my favorite Martha drink recipe - though I am sure it is wrong as 1 3/4 cups of tequila makes a very strong drink indeed. My friends can all drink and they thought it was strong. BUT - just add a little more fresh lime juice and go with it and you will soon have a great party! Enjoy this one a lot. Make your own pinata for added fun! from Christian, London Apple-cinnamon tequila, triple sec, cranberry juice, fresh lime juice, and an apple wedge or lemon twist for garnish combine to form the Cranberry Margarita With Apple-Cinnamon Tequila, a fall seasonal drink. Make spicy margaritas: If you like your margarita to have a kick, try muddling a few slices of fresh jalapeño or serrano chiles into the margarita mix. Please note, however, that a few chile slices go a long way with a single serving. So I recommend starting with one or two slices, and then you can always add more if you’d like to your spicy margarita recipe.



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