Lou's Deli:

Lou's Deli:

Lou's Deli:

This Company Doesn’t Train You in Customer Service Skills. Management Allows Us to Scream and Curse Customer If We Fill Desrespected During Interacti

Allowed to argue with customer and Management says nothing. Management even allowed us to place customers on the phone on hold for over 10-15 min. When lobby is busy. Phone customer comes in to ask why on hold for so long? Then a heated exchange occurs. I thought the customer was always right. This happened on 6/21/20 and today7/6/20. For the that reason I’m quitting Fri. (Source: w

Lou's Deli Southfield, Mi 4807

I love this place but since the pandemic it's just bad...I got a corned beef on onion roll, the onion roll was so greasy I squeezed grease out of the bread, the corned beef also taste like grease. I didn't know they used grease, this has never happened before. I hope they get it together... (Source: 

Lou's Deli

chuck-nbc.fandom.com)Lou's Gourmet Italian Deli is a sandwich shop located in Burbank. It shares space in the same shopping plaza as the Buy More. It is owned by Lou Palone, and is first seen in Chuck Versus the Truth. It is a key plot location in Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami. (Source:

Lou's Deli, 19440 W Seven Mile Rd in Detroi

If you are looking for lunch at a reasonable price and great options, Lou’s Deli in Tulsa is the place to go. They are home to a variety of sub sandwiches and loaded spuds to impress any food connoisseur. Keep scrolling to learn more about this restaurant that serves downright delicious food.


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