L&l Hawaiian Barbecue"

L&l Hawaiian Barbecue"

L&l Hawaiian Barbecue

One of the longest-running family-owned burger joints in a flood-prone business climate, L&l’s magic is that without advertising, the restaurant manages to avoid drowning in a sea of competition. And the best part? The good selection of barbecued meat.



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For over 40 years, the L & L family of companies has been bringing Hawai`i to the world through food and a distinctive fast casual/quick service dining experience. While our footprint now encompasses 200 restaurants in 12 states, we consider and treat all of our franchisee partner 'Ohana, which is the Hawaiian word for family. Although over half of our franchisees were neither born nor lived in Hawai`i, our 'Ohana from far and near are bonded by a common spirit. Through the 'Aloha spirit, we offer our diners incredible value through generous portions of Asian-influenced Hawaiian fare in a welcoming atmosphere. We are honored to have been named by Entrepreneur Magazine the #1 Asian food franchise for 3 consecutive years. (Source: www.franchisegator.com)


Inspired from the islands of Hawaii, Hawaiian Barbecue is L&L’s brand of unique fusion of Asian and American dishes prepared with a unique island flare. The eclectic flavors of Hawaiian Barbecue are synonymous with the cultural cornucopia that Hawaii is famous for. The delicious treat from the Hawaiian Islands that locals and visitors to Hawaii have known for years is derived from the Hawaiian plate lunch – the comfort food of the islands.

Johnson Kam and Eddie Flores Jr. started the first L&L Drive-Inn in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1976. They later began franchising in Hawaii, and then expanded to California, changing their name to L&L Hawaiian Barbecue to better appeal to mainland customers. Today they offer franchises throughout the U.S. and also has locations in Japan. L&L Restaurants serve their take on traditional Hawaiian plate lunches, fusing Asian and American cuisine. (Source: www.entrepreneur.com)



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