Lentil Recipes

Lentil Recipes

25 Mouthwatering Lentil Recipes! – Feasting at Home

15 Best Lentil Recipes – a Couple Cooks

Low in calories and high in nutrition, lentils are a plant protein that’s pretty darn perfect. And they’re budget-friendly too! Luckily lentils also have that most important final element: they’re delicious. If you prepare them correctly, lentils can be a great way to make filling and healthy meals as part of a plant-based diet. So what are you waiting for? Here are our 15 best lentil recipes, from soups to nachos. (Yes, lentil nachos!) (Source: www.acouplecooks.com)

And Now…our Favorite Lentil Recipes!

This 30-minute coconut lentil curry is one of our most popular lentil recipes to date. It’s a fast and easy dinner idea that’s healthy and full of flavor. One of our fan favorites, we hear things like: “This is a new favorite!” and “Absolutely LOVED IT! Definitely am making again.” It’s surprising how much humble brown lentils can inspire so much enthusiasm! (Source: www.acouplecooks.com)

How to Cook Lentils Recip

Learn how to cook lentils perfectly every time! Tasty, nutritious, and easy to make, they're a fantastic way to add protein to salads, side dishes, and more.

Best Lentil Soup Recip

This soup recipe was a long time coming! Over the years, I made some lackluster lentil soups that never saw the light of day on this website. No vegetarian food blog would be complete without a proper lentil soup, though, so I perfected one of my own. (Source: cookieandkate.com)

Lentil Recipes

Meaty and vegetarian dishes with protein-packed storecupboard pulses.

Ginger and Coriander Sprouted Lentil Avocado Toast From Vegan Richa

There's no need to go out of your way to hunt down sprouted lentils because they're so easy to make yourself. Simply leave dried lentils to soak in water overnight, and they'll have sprouted by morning! Of course, if you're not in the mood to wait, using regularly cooked lentils is a quicker alternative that has similarly tasty results. (Source: www.self.com)

Best Lentil Recipe

Transform this protein-rich store cupboard staple into vegetarian dishes such as spiced carrot and lentil soup, comforting dahls, and meat-free ragu (Source: www.olivemagazine.com)

Lentil Recipes (over 25 Recipes

Lentils are a plant-based dream! So versatile, deeply nourishing, satiating, and packed with protein and fibre. I have over 25 of my best lentil recipes in this roundup. I’ve included everything from soups and stews, to salads, side dishes, hearty mains, and there’s even a porridge recipe in here! (Source: thefirstmess.com)

Red Lentil Recipe

The go-to lentil for quick dinners, red lentils (or masoor dal) cooks down to a rich soothing soup or curry in about half an hour. Our red lentil recipes will give you endless ideas for these cheap store cupboard staples. (Source: www.bbc.co.uk)

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