Ledos Pizza OOR

Ledos Pizza OOR

Ledos Pizza

Pizza isn't the most complicated of food items, but it's certainly been given a reputation for being the most complicated of delivery systems. So much so that the concept of online pizza delivery and the man behind it, AJ Gringeri, encapsulates it all.


Ledo Pizza is a pizzeria restaurant chain in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland. Their first pizzeria was opened in Adelphi, Maryland, in 1955 on University Boulevard (Maryland Route 193) in Adelphi Shopping Center near the University of Maryland, College Park (38°59′5.5″N 76°58′1″W / 38.984861°N 76.96694°W / 38.984861; -76.96694). The first franchise was granted to the Fireside Restaurant in Berwyn Heights, Maryland, in 1979. Fireside Restaurant no longer exists. There are now over 100 restaurants in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Washington, D.C.. (Source:

Your response was B.S. what do you think happened to the pizza when a customer drives it home? Does it ruin the pizza? No, it doesn’t your pizza isn’t anymore “fresh” then any other pizza place… the quality of it does not decrease after it is driven to the customers home after they pick it up… I’ve ordered plenty of handmade fresh pizza’s from door dash, Uber eats etc. they’re EXACTLY the same quality as they would be when a customer drives them home or a delivery driver does. They’re are the same quality eating it in the restaurant as they would be when they’re eaten at home. Do whatever you want if your happy with less orders because you’re cutting off at least 40% of your sales from people who want to have it delivered and on top of that not everyone has a car to drive to ledos. This is a very stupid way to run a restaurant… 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ (Source: apps.apple.com)


All new hires will be on board to help the brand celebrate National Pizza Party Day (yes, that's a thing) on May 21 when all those who order from the brand online will also get "thank you" coupons and one customer will win a neighborhood block party, a news release said.

No delivery is available and as of now a grand opening has not been set, but Donnelly noted people can download the Ledo Pizza app for iPhones or Androids to order and curbside pickup is available. Customers can even notify Ledo when they pull up for pick up and they will walk the order out to the car. (Source: www.hyattsvillewire.com)


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