Just started Summer 2018. Grad student searching for new professional opportunities on campus. Eh, that’s not what you’re looking for? I can keep talking. Let’s just say that I work in a sphere of academia that is, in many respects, made up of two groups: the graduate students who are working diligently to make the world a better place and the people who quietly rake in the literal profits inflicted upon them by the above mentioned individuals.


It’s March 16th, 2020, and as we’re all in Coronavirus HELL, I just received an email from LaRosa’s about how to go about ordering from them since their dining rooms are now closed until further notice. Anyways, I was like, “that’s weird, why don’t I have their app on my phone”, then as soon as I tried logging in over and over, I remembered why I deleted it awhile back! For such a fabulous restaurant and a staple in the Cincinnati community, it’s mind-boggling how they can have such a terrible app! With 99% of the population out searching for toilet paper, you’d think LaRosa’s would like to feed these nutjobs and make some cash! But more than likely they can’t login to place their order!! Oh...and it might help if the app would get an update more frequently than every two years!! (S

This success gave him an idea. He scraped together $400 and, with a couple of partners and his Aunt Dena's pizza recipe, opened "Papa Gino's"- his first family pizzeria. It gained a fast following among high school kids and their families, who made the place a favorite hang-out. Buddy bought out his partners after a few years and he renamed it LaRosa's. (


Sign up for MyLaRosa’s and let us show YOU our love! Just order your LaRosa’s favorites and we’ll send you special offers by email or text, made especially for you. The more you order, the better the offers get - even FREE food! (Source: www.larosas.com No matter what I buy it’s always wrong. I’ll ask for extra cheese or X2 or X3 it would be regular when I get it although I paid for extra. Their food seem like rush job at times, and don’t buy their salad I swear they just throw it in the container. I stop giving feedback because all they do is give credit all to have that order that was free messed up. It’s not about getting free food all the time LaRosa’s, get the order right and care about your customer’s order.



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