KFC: Offers Best Famous Chicken

KFC: Offers Best Famous Chicken


KFC Chicken

KFC is a global restaurant chain that is famous for its fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits.

Kentucky Fried Chicken first came to Ithaca decades ago. In the West Buffalo Street building whose shape betrays its past. But the franchise (now just called “KFC”. As if that will make us forget the main dish is fried) left its longtime Meadow Street home years ago. (That building now houses a Dunkin’ franchise.) (Source: www.14850.com)


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Buttermilk Plaza also just saw the opening of Golden Bayou. A combination Chinese lunch buffet and Cajun seafood eatery in the space occupied for many years by Main Moon. We’ve heard they’re currently offering two-, three-, and four-item lunch combos for $4.99, $6.99, and $8.99 instead of operating a buffet for now. The other end of the plaza has a Subway franchise. And there’s a Dunkin’ right across the street at the entrance to the plaza that features Kohl’s. (Source: www.14850.com)



KFC stands for Kentucky Fried Chicken which is an American fast-food company. KFC remains one of the largest chicken chains in the world. Over 22,000 stores in over 115 countries and territories around the world. KFC’s secret recipe chicken is known for its unique flavor and crispy coating. KFC is often said to be the world’s largest purchaser of behavior-changing ads, spending $43 million on advertising in 2014.

The KFC Foundation, an independent non-profit organization, provides charitable support to KFC U.S. restaurant employees through education, hardship assistance, and personal finance programs. (Source: kfcfoundation.org)


KFC offers a wide variety of chicken meal options, as well as other meal selections like their French toast and Kentucky salad. All of these options can be found on their official website, WWW. KFC.com. You can also purchase food from the site and have it delivered through the KFC delivery service.

When life presents unexpected expenses, such as an urgent car or home repairs. An emergency fund can help keep families afloat and prevent them from taking on debt or missing payments. (Source: kfcfoundation.org)


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KFC, founded in 1930 with its first restaurant in Harrods, is the second-largest restaurant chain in the world after McDonald's. KFC has expanded throughout the world with about 14,000 restaurants in more than 125 countries. The United States, China, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, India, and France have the most stores in the chain with 2,000+ restaurants each. Kentucky Fried Chicken is the most popular menu with the most demand.

I purchased a 5 piece chicken tender. The chicken tenders were so small they looked like they belonged to a kids' meal. Went back to return the meal when the manager Renee said ain't nothing wrong with these chicken tenders. What do you want me to do in an aggressive, unpleasant tone. After I received my refund, Renee continued by saying negative, rude comments as I pulled off. I did go to another KFC and ordered the same meal and left satisfied. (Source: www.restaurantji.com)


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