Jimmys Egg.

Jimmys Egg.

Jimmys Egg


The Jimmys Egg, located in New York City’s East Village, has been serving its signature breakfast sandwiches, breakfast plates. And gluten free pancakes for more than 20 years. With a central location and a diverse menu, the Jimmys Egg is a New York restaurant reference for the city’s legions of brunch-seekers.

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The restaurant was closed for the day, but the building was still open. The pancake, a stack of pan_cakes plopped down on the counter, was big and round, yet still crisp and golden-brown at the edges. For a moment, I wondered what would happen if I slathered them in maple syrup and returned to help clean up. But I quickly shooed away that idea.

"Our new lineup of hearty entrees was created to appeal to the unique and craveable flavors. We know our guests are looking for." says Kevin Burke, President of Jimmy's Egg® LLC. "We continue to introduce entrees with bold new flavors like the savory/sweet blend of salted caramel in the new Salted Caramel Pan_cakes. Southwest seasoned beef in the Tres Queso Omelette and BBQ seasoned tots. In our new Skillet Tots that we believe our guests will love." said Burke. (Source: www.prnewswire.com)


Jimmys Egg is a little place tucked away in a corner on the 3rd floor of a nondescript brown brick apartment complex. The building is a bit of a mess. The elevators are always broken. The gutter is an eyesore from the time it began leaking. The wallpaper with various pastel designs is coming off. Under the peeling paint and tattered wallpaper, the walls are covered in a layer of dust.

Once new Management took over the morale went down. She has an ego the size of Texas and so does the other kitchen manager so they would talk about everyone behind their backs. Cut my hours to 20 per week from 40. (Source: www.indeed.com)

Gluten Free

Jimmys Egg is a food spot in Minneapolis, Minnesota that is completely gluten free. You can order pan_cakes and other dishes from the menu and they have both American and European options. They have locations near the university and downtown. They offer a range of options including their most popular dish, the jimmys egg.

I have eaten at this establishment 20+ times since moving to the area several years ago. They do have a dedicated griddle for the eggs, meats, and potato items. The meat items like the sausage and bacon are cooked earlier in the morning, and kept in a warmer until they are plated. Eggs are cooked to order, and potato Items( home fries are the only ones I've eaten) I *think are cooked earlier in day also. I haven't had any reactions to the regular items I order. Which is usually two eggs over medium, with bacon, plain home fries( no added toppings) and a side of cottage cheese. (Source: www.findmeglutenfree.com)


The Jimmy's Egg Pan_cake spot, in the heart of Chestnut Hill in Boston, offers pan_cake lovers a gluten-free option with a specialty menu. This establishment is a unique place to take family or friends out for breakfast to celebrate special occasions or simply enjoy a meal. The ideal time for a visit is during the weekend, when the food spot is most crowded.

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