Is potatoes a vegetable

Is potatoes a vegetable

Is potatoes a vegetable


No, potatoes are not a vegetable. Potatoes are a tuber, which is not related to plants. The root part of a potato plant is called a tuber, but potatoes are a vegetable when they are harvested and eaten raw. Potatoes are also in the solianae nightshade family, not plants. They produce a primary flower but not seeds. This means that potatoes do not produce any gametes (the sex cells in plants or animals) and cannot germinate.Are potatoes a vegetable or a starch? This age-old question can lead to arguments about their health benefits. After all, calling something a vegetable seems to magically change it into a healthier food.


One of the reasons people may avoid potatoes when they’re trying to eat healthy is because of the cooking method, not the vegetable itself. Any food soaked in butter, deep fried or topped with sour cream will pack on the calories. Not to mention all the excess salt that often goes along with them (hello, bloating).Potatoes haven’t always had a bad reputation. In fact, they were an important part in our survival and history as far back as 200 B.C. Originating in the mountains of the Andes of Peru and Bolivia, potatoes were first cultivated and consumed by the Peru’s Inca Indians. Potatoes were more than just a source of food but a measurement of time determined by how long it took for a potato to cook.

For decades, nutritionists and consumers have debated over whether potatoes are good for you. The Canadian Food Guide 2017 lists potatoes under the vegetable category and recommends 4-5 serving per day. According to Registered Dietitian, Karen Ansel, ‘USDA researchers found potatoes are loaded with Kukoamines, plant chemicals that lower blood pressure’ (Prevention.com Nov 2011). These researchers tested 100 different varieties of potatoes and found that they contained over 60 different vitamins and phytochemicals, and flavonoids, which are credited with improving heart health. Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Emma Andrews from Pineapple Collective also says that, Little potatoes in particular, provide some amazing nutrients to keep your heart in tip-top shape: (Source: www.littlepotatoes.com)


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